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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Personal information
Country of origin    United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png
Gender    Female
Age    31
Faith Information
Current worldview Deism
Left Islam at age 31
Born or convert to Islam? Convert to Islam
Parents' worldview Atheism

Testimony of Leaving Islam

I became a Muslim after pondering life's meanings I had heard about Islam and I wondered what Muslim's did at the Mosque. I brought a book on Islam and many book's on Islam I also slowly started to read the Quran.

I loved the Islamic culture and values. I loved the look of Hijab and avoiding pork. The five holy prayers and so one day amongst Muslim friends I became a Muslim.

I loved what I new of Islam the stories the morals the goodness and worship. I fell in love with the Dua's with the prayer and with the people who were Muslim's. I loved the values and morals I felt so holy. Ramadan came and it was hard it felt pointless but I thought that maybe after a few more I will enjoy it more.

I finally got married had children and started to study the Quran and Hadieth. For so long I only read Islamic books but now was the time to go deeper to truly know Allah.

One day I stumbled across a verse which talked about women's bosoms/ breasts in heaven I felt confused surely such a holy religion there must be an explanation. The explanation only drew me further from the Quran. There were sexual slaves in heaven awaiting my husband and my son who had firm non sagging breasts.

What kind of book was this? I searched deeper and studied the Quran and Hadieth until I felt sick why would Allah say so many bad things, why is there murder sex slaves war and child sex I couldn't understand. For years I brushed these verses to the side until eventually one day I had enough of lying to myself I open the Quran fully I was determined to get to the truth. I read about the life of the Prophet from a non bias view it was shocking and in fact the Islamic version is not far off neither does it hide the fact that war was started by the Prophet and that war never came to him or any other Muslims. It was the non Muslims who were persecuted murdered raped oh Allah have mercy on them all.

I studied everything the errors the grammatically theological philosophical historical scientific errors thousands upon thousands of errors I started to feel better Alhamdullilah this was not from Allah but from the imagination of man on how a God should be worshipped and how a God should respond.

A man's idea of worship rigid movements and words in a foreign language repeated like robots never truly communicating your own heart never hearing from Allah just some crazed version of man's imagination fueled by the worldly desire to desperately know and hear from God and so if we cannot hear from him then we shall create him and in their ways they caused bloodshed and created their own power their own religion believing God was Rahman that he was Raheem in all that they did they truly believed their own lies of torturing kuffs of raping kuff women of putting other's below them. The Prophet never once intended this idea to go beyond his death but with his power hungry creatures and soldiers it has never stopped.

In yet today we hear peace and prayer and holiness but what lies beneath is far from holy. Look at Saudi Arabia if you do not believe. The corruptest country in the whole world. Where women suffer beyond your imagination where life does not exist for women it simply survives. Generation after generation repeating the mistakes of their forefathers

Religion is man made but I am God made and Allah has shown me the stupidity of religion and the blessing of following his alone!

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