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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the ApostatesOfIslam website and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
WL Cati
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My Testimony of Leaving Islam


I think I always deeply believed in God. I can remember as early as four years old when conversations about God came up around the dinner table, I would always cry. Even though I was raised in a Christian household, no one in my family really went to church or prayed other than on Easter Sunday or Christmas. I had a good family; there were no drugs, alcohol, or abuse. My father, grandfather and uncles worked hard 5-6 days a week to provide for us, and were always home on time.

As a teenager I started down the wrong road, but when I was 17, I began going to church on a regular basis. It was my mother who first got me to go. She never said a word about participating in church activities, but when she began to attend regularly; I saw such a change in her over a short period of time that I had to go just to see what it was all about. In one small moment, as I knelt down at an altar, Jesus changed my whole direction and purpose in life. Within a year's time, my whole family started going to church. I told everyone about God, my classmates, my teachers, and even strangers. I saw many people follow in my footsteps. I wanted everyone to know about God, and what God meant to me. I served the Lord for many years. I even had a singing ministry, and had won several Beauty Pageant titles, one being, Mrs. Alabama. I had placed in the Mrs. America pageant in the top ten. I traveled all over the US. As my fame started to grow I started taking my eyes off the Lord, and putting them on how wonderful I was.

Wlcatil AL.gif

My life up until this point had been somewhat sheltered. I was just experiencing the nightlife for the first time. That's when I really started to stray from my religion. It was during this time that I met Mohammed. We met in a nightclub. I was there with my Aunt who had just lost her husband of 25 years to cancer and I had just gone through a divorce. We were there to drown our sorrows. I had been divorced six weeks and was not ready to start any kind of relationship. I was just there to have a good time, and to maybe dance off a pound or two.

Men continually asked me to dance. I wasn't interested. Mohammed had been watching me from across the bar. I later learned that his wife had just left him that day. He walked over to me and asked "What if a nice guy asked you to dance? Would you?" There was something about him that I liked and for some reason, I agreed to dance with him. He could dance! He twirled me, spun me, threw me, and literally swept me off my feet! It was love at first sight for me. This was my first real encounter with a worldly man. He was so exciting. We talked all night about many different things, but somehow managed to avoid the subject of religion. At first, he gave me a bogus name, but later that night, he finally told me his real name and where he was from. I didn't know much about his country and therefore didn't ask questions about it. I only knew it was somewhere near Egypt. From that day on, we were together almost everyday. We had our ups and downs, and our break ups, and! I knew he was seeing others, but he hadn't said the "I love you stuff" yet, so I couldn't hold him to anything, and somehow, we always got back together.

My parents were very concerned. They knew I had lost my faith, but still had hopes that I would return to Jesus. They didn't approve of our relationship, and we had many battles. It got to the point where I hardly spoke to my parents. Naturally, I thought I was old enough to make my own choices without them. Mohammed didn't get along with my mother at all, so I started making choices, Mohammed or my Mother. He really didn't like any of my friends. My old relationships grew fewer and fewer. Until all my friends were now all his Arabic friends. Mohammed and I continued to date on and off for almost a year. Then on New Year's Eve, he asked me to marry him. I was so happy although I knew it wouldn't be an easy life together. We had been raised completely different, we had come from two different areas of the world, our religions were different, and even our reactions were different. But I loved him so much that I couldn't stand to be away from him. I experienced what seemed like physical pain inside when we were apart. He had become my whole life. I felt so secure when I was with him. My every thought centered on him, and I trusted everything he said. He was so handsome with his dark hair, dark eyes, strong build, and olive complexion and I thought he was so smart. The way he knew how to con everyone.

I spent hours imagining what our children would look like. I said, " yes" to his question of marriage, and we decided to be married exactly one year from when we first met. He told me that for our marriage to be meaningful to him, he wanted to be married and raise our children in his religion. He believed his previous marriages failed because he married outside of his religion. I loved him so much, I agreed with anything he asked. I didn't realize the impact of my words until much later. He took me to the Mosque to become engaged, and called his family in Syria to tell them the news. On March 30, 1986 exactly one year and a day after we had met, we were married in the Mosque. I did not know about his religion, nor at that time did it matter. The way he explained it sounded so much like my own. He told me Allah meant God in Arabic. He said that they believed in Jesus, Heaven, Hell, the Ten Commandments, Angels, the Prophets, and in the Bible. It wasn't until much later that I found out the truth about just how different the two religions really were, and the life threatening mistake I had made.

The ceremony in the Mosque was very different. Mohammed was on one side of the room and I was on the other. A curtain divided us, women together and men together. I was asked to repeat many things in Arabic. I did not have anyone there with me, no friend or family, nor anyone there to translate for me. The women would just nudge me and motion for me to say "Yes". After the wedding, I was given a cookie. I took a bit, and then my husband was given the rest. It seemed like hours before I saw him again. No kisses were exchanged. Matter of fact he was very cold with me. When we got into the car I started trying to read the marriage licenses. I discovered that my name had been changed along with my religion. I started to get upset about it. Mohammed told me not to worry because it was only on paper, he knew that I had not changed in my heart.

It was while I was expecting our first child that my husband took me to my first Deedat debate via satellite. Deedat, was a great debater for the Muslims against the Christians. He was very convincing, and since I hadn't been practicing my beliefs for sometime, I listened to every word. That's when the doubts took over. I started asking every Muslim I knew questions about Islam. And I read all kinds of books on the religion. To honor my husband's wishes, I took on the responsibility of teacher about his religion, after our daughter was born. My husband did not practice his religion, and I felt the need for the children to know something about God. I was also taking them to church on Sundays and the Mosque on Fridays. I went to Arabic school and Muslim school. I started reading, books on the life of Mohammed, books on the lives of all his wives, and was watching all of Deedat's tapes. I tried to read the Koran, but couldn't make much sense of it. What made reading the Koran so difficult was you had to make all these washing ceremonies to read it, and cover all the way to even touch it. At the time, that was too much bother for me. I took my husband's, and people's word on it. This went on for over six years between the two religions.

Wlcati veilchild.jpg

Our daughter was five and now had a son two years old. Mohammed and I were really fighting a lot. He was staying out all night several times a week and the physical abuse had really heightened, along with the emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. I was becoming desperate for my marriage to work. I had failed once before, and didn't want that to happened again. I was to the point of trying anything to make him love me. He sent me to Syria, and there I converted to Islam. I started covering, (Covering is a part of life for Islamic women), praying five times a day and fasting. During Ramadan, every year, I would go to the Mosque to pray. I read books on how to be a good Muslim. I just knew this would make him love me, but it didn't. In fact now I was threaten even worst by him and his mother. Now they had me, and the truth of the religion started coming out. The main thing I was told that if I converted back to Christianity I could be killed, and they would tell me stories to prove their point.

Deep inside, something was missing. I didn't feel complete somehow. I had no joy inside, and no real peace in my life. It seemed something was always going wrong at home. There were constant family arguments. I had suffered all kinds of abuse from my husband, and from some of his family members. I also, knew that my husband was cheating on me. I just couldn't prove it. Every time the family would all get together for anything, it always ended up with fighting, yelling, fussing, and screaming, over little things. At times dishes would fly, food would fly, and one time, my husband's mother threw hot water on him, and he grabbed her by the neck. My husband's temper was so bad that if someone just pulled out in front of him in traffic, he would chase them down, and pull out his gun so they could see it. He had broken doors, and made holes in walls, that he made with his head or fist from were he would lose his temper. He always kept some type of firearms with him. Our home was also full of all kinds of weapons. I often worried that someone was going to get killed. There was never peace. Dinner was a nightmare; nothing was ever good enough. I was always walking on eggshells. On many occasions, I would have to leave the table because I couldn't stand it. Trips together with his family were impossible; there was always a big blow up over the smallest thing.

During one trip we all took across the country with the children, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, his wife and their child, there was fighting from the moment we started out. Half way through the trip, it got so bad that we ended up leaving my husband's brother, wife, and child and going on without them. Where was God's peace, love, and joy? It wasn't in my life or my household. By this time, my husband and I had four children: a daughter, a son and a set of twins (a boy and a girl). My mother-in-law had come for a visit, and my husband, being the oldest, took on the responsibility of caring for his mother. I had always gotten along with her in the past, but this trip was different. She began trying to take over my household, and we started to argue. She didn't like the way I did things nor did I like the way she pushed me around. She was even going through all of my personal things! It got to the point that the tension was so great, and I was so angry that we didn't even speak to each other.

Things had gotten pretty well out of control around the Christmas holidays. Mohammed and I had completed building our new house in Florida. The children and I were the only ones living in it. My husband was still in our home in Georgia traveling back and forth from Georgia to Florida while running the business in both states. We had over 15 stores between both states, and the money was flowing. He had come to join the kids and I for the holidays when I noticed he looked extremely tired. Originally, we had planned to be in Florida full time by now, but it wasn't working out that way. We decided that the children and I would move back to Atlanta until all of us could be in Florida together. We closed up our new house for a while and headed for Atlanta. We were back in Atlanta only one month when a neighbor from Florida called. She was a friend, and a real estate agent. She wanted to know if we would like to rent our house to a ladies group. "Sure", I said, anything for money. Little did I know who these ladies were.

My mother, a wonderful Christian lady, had been living in Florida for almost twelve years, and had attended a Women's Bible Study for over nine years. My parents had rarely talked to me about my change of religion. They just loved me and silently prayed. Every year without fail and without my knowledge, my mother would write a prayer request to the ladies to pray for my family, and me. She told them all about me converting to Islam, and how I was covering up with the veil. In March, this group of ladies started coming into my home for one weekend each month. They saw my mother's picture on the wall with me. They saw all of the Arabic things in my home, even the Mosque we had built downstairs with the clock that chimed whenever it was time to pray. It did not take them long to put it all together, and realize mine was the family in need of prayer. They prayed all over my house. They prayed in every room, over every picture, over every thing. They prayed that I would come back to Jesus.

Wlcati veil.jpg

In June, I returned for a visit. I was going through all kinds of turmoil in Atlanta. I was still fighting with my mother-in-law, and very upset over the many things she had done. I was becoming extremely confused about religion. I felt God was really speaking to my heart. Out of desperation, I called a neighbor who lived down my street because I had heard she was a very devoted Christian woman. I left a message on her machine that I wanted to talk to her about God, but she was out of town for the summer, and did not receive my call. The children and I stayed for about a month in Florida. I called my husband in Georgia, and told him that I just didn't want to live in Atlanta anymore. I loved Florida and I was happy there. He said fine, but I would have to come back to Atlanta to move again. At the end of July, I went back to pack. When I went back, my battle continued with my mother-in-law. Though when I told her of my confusion about religion, she suggested I pray and God would show me.

That was exactly what I had been doing, and did He ever show me! She also said something very profound ... that my problem was that I worshiped my husband, and my husband worshiped money. Boy, did that hit a nerve or two. She was right. I was worshiping him and his religion. That's when I realized I had forsaken Jesus, for a man. We were getting ready to leave, and Mohammed was helping me pack up the car. I looked closely at my husband because he was holding his chest, breathing very hard and was very sweaty. I was concerned, and I asked him if he was OK. He said he was just tired.

The children and I drove late into the night before we reached Florida. We got in so late that I decided to call my husband after I had slept some. After my nap, I got busy around the house putting things away, when I realized it was about 10 p.m. and he still hadn't called me. I tried calling him. No one answered. I called his car phone. No answer. I concluded he might have gone somewhere for dinner and I would talk to him later. Early the next morning I tried to call him again. I called the house first, no answer. The car phone, no answer. I called all the different stores. No one had heard from him. This was so unlike him. I waited another hour and made another round of calls. Still no one knew where he was. I finally broke down and called his brother. I really had a bad feeling. I didn't know what happened, but I could feel something wasn't right. I began to have a deep, sinking feeling and began to pace around the house. After several hours the phone rang, it was my husband. He sounded funny. I asked him where he was, and that I had been trying to reach him since the night before. I'll never forget his words. He said, "I'm in the hospital. I had a heart attack yesterday." My first question was "You're kidding me?" I couldn't believe it! I knew something was wrong, but a heart attack? He was only 36 years old. How was that possible?

He told me he was fine, and that he was getting out of the hospital the next day. I tried my best to stay calm for his sake, and for the children, who were now standing around me. I asked him how he could be fine and why they were letting him out of the hospital the next day? He sounded Very light headed. So I asked him what I should do, and he said to do nothing, he was fine. I asked him for the doctor's phone number. He wouldn't give it to me. I persisted until a nurse finally got on the phone with me. I talked with her and she gave me the doctor's number. I called the doctor in tears. He got on the phone with me immediately, and told me that my husband was very sick, and that he had a severe heart attack. He said I needed to get back to Atlanta as soon as I could because no one else could sign papers for him to have the necessary surgery. He also told me that Mohammed was on the drug Morphine, which explained his stupor.

I hung up the phone and fell apart. I tried to tell my children. I called my mother. She could barely understand me. I knew I had to calm down and that this was not going to help. I had to make some decisions and fast. Would I fly or drive? Take the children? I called my dad. It was through him that we made our plans. My mother went with us so there would be another driver with me. We all packed very quickly, and were on the road in less than an hour. I dropped my mother and children off at the house, and headed for the hospital. I got there about 3:30 a.m., and went in to see my husband. He was in intensive care. Here was my big, strong husband, so weak, so helpless, and so tired. He looked up at me and smiled. He tried to reassure me that he was fine. I don't think he really knew what had happened, and how serious it was. He kept telling me he was going to get out of the hospital the next day. He was on drugs and delirious. I could only stay with him a few minutes at a time. The nurse came in and told me where I could sleep, but I didn't want to leave him. She insisted that I rest. She could tell I was very tired. I went down the hall to a waiting room where the chairs made out into little beds. I tried my best to sleep so I could regain my strength. Only God knew what was ahead.

The next day, we found part of what caused the heart attack. It was a blood clot that had closed up 98% of the artery. If the blood thinner could not dissolve it, Mohammed was facing surgery. The doctor kept him on medication for three days with no luck. I had gone to the house to pick up the children and my mother-in-law to bring them to the hospital. I explained to them how sick Mohammed was, then told my mother-in-law specifically not to take in any cigarettes with her into the hospital because the doctors believed that his heart attack may have been caused by smoking. I also said that he was on heavy medication, and that he might search her for cigarettes. I begged her not to give any to him. Our visit went great, and as we were getting ready to leave, Mohammed insisted on walked us down the hall. He started asking his mother for cigarettes. We all shouted NO! He grabbed her purse, and started looking for one. Then right there in front of the children and me, she reached in her bra, pulled out a cigarette and handed it to him. We all screamed at her. My husband promised he wouldn't smoke it.

I had never been so angry with any one person in my whole life as I was with my mother-in-law, and I couldn't hold it in. I asked her who would take care of all of us if her son dies? Then she said if God wants him to die, it is God's will. I told her to leave it to God then, he didn't need her help. The next morning, I got to the hospital very early. When I walked into the room, I smelled smoke. Yes, it was a nonsmoking room with oxygen, but I smelled smoke. I looked at him and said, "Where's the cigarette?" He told me that he had only smoked two puffs. I couldn't find the rest of it. I left the room to go get a cup of coffee, and talk to the nurse. She came back into the room with me to try and talk some sense into him, and get him ready for the cauterization. On our way downstairs for the testing, I looked at his face. His eyes were glossy, his skin was turning ashy, and his forehead was sweaty and clammy. He was having another heart attack! This couldn't be happening! It hadn't even been 30 minutes since he smoked that cigarette. I was so upset. The doctors reassured me that he would be fine.

He came through the test, and was back in his room. I again tried to get the cigarette with no luck. I stayed with him all day. In the evening, I went downstairs for a few minutes to grab some dinner and bring it back to the room. When I got back, Mohammed was standing by the window, smoking. I ran into the room and grabbed the cigarette out of his hand, and flushed it down the toilet. I knew his mother, brother, and uncle were on their way to the hospital. I had not told them about what had happened in the morning. I was trying to just let it go. I got him back into the bed, and started to eat my dinner. About 10 minutes later, that same look came over him. I called the nurse, and she came running in. They sent me outside. Everyone was running here and, there, coming, and going with all kinds of machines. I became hysterical in the hall. Nurses were around me trying to settle me down. When his mother, brother and uncle walked up, I jumped my mother-in-law!

My husband's family started taking sides. His uncle sided with me, and my husband's brother took sides with his mother. The day my husband came home from the hospital, another huge fight started, and that same night Muhammad went back to the hospital by ambulance. When would it all stop? I cried out! The tension was so great. Muhammad wanted to leave Atlanta, and go back to Florida as soon as he could. So he could get away from them. He was very upset with his family for many reasons. As soon as he was able to travel, I packed him up in the car, and made a bed in the back for him to lie down during the long ten-hour trip back to Florida. As we were leaving Atlanta, my mother-in-law yelled at me, telling me I was trying to kill her son. I received my answer from God. This was not a religion I wanted to be any part of. There was so much hate, malice, and confusion all the time. And I knew my God did not have these attributes.

After being in Florida for about a week, the neighbor I had called at the beginning of summer returned my call. We didn't talk too much because my husband was around. We got together for lunch, and I told her all of my problems. She invited me to church, and the next Sunday night, my children and I went. My husband had said fine since I was a Muslim. He even told me to go if it made me feel better. "Just do not ever change your religion," he said. I really had no intention of changing, I thought maybe I could be both. Go to church and still remain Muslim. Believe in the good things of both religions. That night at church, I didn't even get my feet in the door when I started crying. I couldn't stop. My children kept asking me what was wrong. I tried to assure them that I was fine. I can't remember what was said that night, but God was talking to my heart. The words to an old song I had sung years ago kept playing over in my mind that night, "Jesus is the Corner Stone"......I knew that was my answer. He, Jesus was the answer!

A few days later, I was reading the Bible. I just opened it, and as it fell open, these were the first words I read: " That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding to the acknowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words. For though I am absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ. (Colossians 2:2-5) I found my way back to the Lord Jesus. My children followed right along with me. Of course this decision enraged my husband. One night at the dinner table he told me that he was giving me two weeks to come back to Islam or his was going to throw me into the streets. That night with my children sitting there, I looked at him and said, " I am ready to die for Christ, and He will take care of me." Then Muhammad said to me three times, "I divorce you!"

The next day the children and I moved out to our small house. It has not been easy. There were many threats from Muhammad, and his family. The children and I were spit on, hit, cast out, and we even had to live in a shelter for safety ,but we believed the Lord would continue to take care of us. The peace we had inside our home, and hearts was worth giving it all up. And there were many material things to give up! I tried many times to win Muhammad and his family over to the Lord. This went on for over a year with hopes he would come to Jesus. Muhammad even went to church with us a couple of times. He even went to my first concert where the Spirit of the Lord was so strong that our youngest daughter gave her heart to the Lord. Each time we would talk about the Lord I could see the Lord dealing with his heart, then soon after he would become harder and harder to Jesus. I even took his mother to see Billy Graham, but instead of her being touched, she cried to me saying that all those people there were lost. That Islam could use speakers like Billy Graham because he was such a great communicator.

The final act was the night I washed Muhammad's feet with oil, water, and my tears. He was moved to tears, but later that night I found him on the computer in a porn-site. I went upstairs to my prayer closet, and cried my heart out to the Lord. The Lord spoke to my heart, and said," hate ever the clothes defiled by the flesh." I didn't know that verse and even questioned it. It was like I could see where his clothes had been. I could feel his clothes speaking out to me, telling me stories of place they had been, and what all they had seen. It was then that the Lord revealed to me the plans of my husband. His plans were to acquire everything, and leaving the children and I homeless. I felt the strong need to get out of that house fast and retreat to our small house only a few streets away. Muhammad had taken all the monies out of our other homes, and was planning himself to move to the small house. Taking the equity out of the small house which had lots, and leaving me with no way to support our children or a place to live. It was his way of keeping the control over us and us still having to depend on him. I saw it all so clearly laying on that floor in prayer.

The next morning I found those verse in the Bible...Jude: 22-23. I ask to Lord if I had I forgiven him...and I felt Him speaking... "Yes" seven times seventy...I started counting all the nights he went out over 14 years, and at least twice each week! (2 times 52 times 14, that was 1456, way over 470) That was the very next night that Muhammad had given me the command to either come back to Islam or be thrown into the streets! Everyday I forgive him, and his family, because I know just as Jesus said on the cross...."Father forgive them they know not what they are doing". He has no clue! I pray blessing on him and his family. The Word of God says, bless those who cruse you. I believe still today for his, and many other Muslims salvation. My children and I pray that Muhammad, and his family will come to Christ. We know that Jesus loves all of them and died for them as well.

We have seen many miracles in our lives. It was by total faith that we lived over one year with no formal forms of income coming in. We know for a fact that God can take what was intended for bad and make it good. My new quote became.... Jesus, can take our leftovers, and make goulash out of it, and feed the world. There has been a price to pay, but I thank the Lord Jesus for paying the Ultimate price for me, and that was the price for my salvation. The Lord has been so faithful to us proving Himself over and over again of His love, grace and mercy...Out of all this pain, a ministry was birthed. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful ministry were we are seeing many come to Christ and are able to help other women in our same situation. We have a deep burden for the lost Muslims, and the many women, and children that suffer great abuse at the hand of Islam. Many have asked me how do you get a ministry started? I reply with you don't! The night I left, and as I was going through everything, I never once said to myself, "Wow, this could be a ministry." All I did was become very burdened for the lost, the Muslims, and hurting women. I just started sharing my story with others one on one, in hopes that maybe my life could help someone else.

Wlcati teaching.jpg

One night when I was praying, and feeling so bad about leaving the Lord, after I met Muhammad, the Lord really spoke to my heart. He said to me.... "Cati, when you left me you had a small singing ministry started, but now you have a real burden for the lost souls. You truly know how lost the lost are. You have a burden for the abused woman; you know their pain...." Those were the sweetest words to my ears. It set me free...That how this ministry was birthed, not for my glory, but for His Glory! It is all about hurting people...It is all about Jesus!

I want to add; in no way do I believe that all Muslims beat their wives. Abuse from anyone is very wrong. It comes from everywhere, all people, in all walks of life. The difference is that in Islam men are given the permission to beat their wives with no questions ask if they feel the need. I ask that you will pray for us as we continue to reach out to those that are hurting. As the Lord leads and guides us! We need your support, time, prayer....It is a big call, and I have made the choice to answer it. Will you help? It is not by our might, but by His! Please ask the Lord to show you how you can help us? The harvest is white!

There is so much more to share.. About what I know about Islam and the Last Days. If you would like to contact me, send me an email.

Final Note

The Muslims and others have asked me many times why I came back to Christianity. Many said it was the fault of my Muslims husband for not treating me right, and that is why I changed my religion. I want to end with this, and make something very clear! If I looked at people Christians, Muslims, Jews, I wouldn't be anything.... NO one is perfect! We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God! What I looked at was the life of Jesus and the life Muhammad... It was Jesus, and His life that I viewed so differently from anyone else on the face of this earth...His perfect life. His love for me, and the whole world... How He died for Us...giving up Heaven, coming to this world. taking on my sins...So, we could all have a relationship with God!

I do not follow Jesus because of the fear of hell, or the promise of Heaven. I follow Jesus because He loves you and me so much. Jesus never killed anyone, but rather healed the sick, and broken hearted. He lived a life of perfection, and can forgive of all our bad deeds.

  1. What did Muhammad do? We know he led many battles, looted, forced others to follow him, had many wives and even took a small child to be his wife..........
  2. Can Muhammad offer forgiveness of your sins?
  3. Does Muhammad give you the promise of heaven?
  4. Is Muhammad dead or Alive?

My friend Jesus is Alive, and well and is working on your behave seated right next to God Almighty....and is coming back very soon! Jesus also warned over 14 times, about the coming of false teachers, and prophets...Any teaching that takes out the death of Jesus Christ, and removes Him from being the true Son of the Living God is of the anti-Christ. God is perfect, and He never changes. God makes No mistakes nor does He lie.

The teaching of Muhammad does not line up with the Words of God. God didn't change His mind, and He being All-powerful is more than able to protect His Word from being changed. Is He not able to keep the sun and moon in place? So, can He keep His Words from harm or change. There are many holes in Islam. They claim to offer peace.Just read the paper or turn on the News..It is not just the fault of the Muslims for they are following the ways, and the life style of their prophet.

Please take a closer, deeper look, and do not fall in their hole! If we all followed the life of Jesus.There would be perfect peace, love, joy, and all the things we desire that are pure. He is a just and a loving God..but, He also gives us the choice! Mother Theresa once said when asked, why doesn't God heal or give us a cure for Aids? Her reply was, "He did, but it got aborted!"

Take a real look at Jesus, The Only way, The Only Truth, and the Only real life!

May You Find the Truth in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

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