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Al Qaida al Jihad is an Islamic terrorist organization. Its most prominent leaders are/were Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri and the now deceased Shaykh Osama bin Laden.

In 2007, the White House spokesman said that Al Qaeda had become de-centralized "where you have franchised operations around the globe."[1]

United States officials have been quick to blame al-Qaeda for the indigenous Islamic uprisings in Iraq.[2] When George W. Bush was asked whether the "al Qaeda in Iraq is the same organization being run by Osama bin Laden, himself?", he answered, "al Qaeda in Iraq, has sworn allegiance to Osama bin Laden."[3]

Al Qaeda and Iran are also reported to have ties. For example; Sulaiman Jasim Abu Ghaith is reported to be in Iran.[4] In the 1990s, Sheikh Ayman Zawahiri, the leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad was a frequent guest of Hojat al-Islam Ali Fallahian.[5] And Saif al-Adel is also speculated to be in Iran.[6]

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