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Dr. Ali Sina is a former Muslim from Iran who is atheist and currently residing in Canada. He is the author of Understanding Muhammad, and is the founder of Faith Freedom International.[1]

He has gained notoriety among Muslims, partially through his debates with distinguished Muslims and scholars (including Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, and Maulana Ajmal Qadri),[2] and his standing challenge to remove FFI, in addition to a cash payment of up to $100,000 U.S. dollars, if proven wrong on the claims that Muhammad was a narcissist, misogynist, rapist, pedophile, lecher, torturer, mass murderer, cult leader, assassin, terrorist, mad man, and looter.[3]

This notoriety has led to a hostile response from followers of Islam. Sina says, “we constantly receive death threats. There are also two fatwas for my death from two imams in India promising a monetary reward of $1,000.000 Indian Rupees [about $20,000 US dollars] for anyone who kills me.”[4]

More recently, Ali Sina has launched Freedom Bulwark, a multilingual blogging platform for critics of Islam,[5] and his personal website[6] His offer to Zakir Naik for a written debate remains unanswered.[7]

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