Deputy Advisor of Muslim Brotherhood: America Encourages Israel to "Demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

The following is translated from an interview with the deputy advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood, Rashad al-Bayuni.


Q: What is your comment on growing American and "Israeli" fears of the role of the Brotherhood in the future of Egyptian politics, after the success of the popular revolution?

A: We are not concerned with this, since that has always been their position. The important thing is that they are aware that it is not just the Brotherhood who reject their interventionism, but all of the Egyptian people reject their blatant interventions into our affairs. They were the principal source supporting this corruption, and everybody, young and old, knew what they were doing in the country... It is not necessary for us to expose America's positions, for they are the ones who support "Israel" financially and with weapons, day and night, and encourage them to blockade Gaza and demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque. It is important that we differentiate here between the regime and the people. Their people (the West's), some of them were also led astray and forced to think bad things about us. Wherefore, when they learn the truth they will know that their country oppressed us, and "Israel" is the principal enemy to every Muslim and Arab man, as well as to anyone who loves justice.


Q: Do you have any comment on the opposition of some Copts to the membership of al-Bashari and Salih in the council to amend the constitution?

A: Some things don't deserve a comment. Generally, more than half of the world is not happy with the Lord Himself, much less with people! It is natural for people to not be pleased with some people. Naguib Gabriel always objects, and always talks about removing the shari'ah from the constitution, as if it's a bad thing. This is against common sense, for 94% of Egypt's inhabitants are Muslim, so how can he demand that their shari'ah be removed from the constitution? The problem is that those who reject this article don't understand what the Islamic shari'ah is. The shari'ah is mercy, freedom, and social justice. The Copts need to feel this, because it was on the basis of the rule of Islam and of 'Amru bin al-'As, that the Patriarch was successful in performing his prayers freely, at a time when he was not able to enter the church during the reign of the Romans. The previous regime was always raising these issues, so that the president and his agents could make it seem like there would be a big problem if the Brotherhood took the reigns of power, or ascended politically. But look at the revolution, not a single incident occurred to the church, at a time when, if what they are saying is true, there were attacks on the church, and Naguib Gabriel knows that the Brotherhood were the ones who protected the churches. Generally, the position of the Brotherhood--the same as the position of the Shaykh of al-Azhar--is that the shari'ah guarantees the citizenship of Christians and others before the Muslim, and the Qur'an is clear in its calls for kindness and fairness towards the Copts. Those who are calling for these things, such as removing the shari'ah from the constitution, or not putting religious affiliation on (identification) cards, want to demolish the temple on top of those who are in it.