Dog Responds to the Adhan

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Miracle Claim

Some Muslims are claiming another animal-related miracle. This time it is a video of a dog in Jerusalem responding (or "singing") to the adhan (the Muslim call to prayer). According to its description, "Every natural being on the planet praises Allah and remembers him. This dog is just one example, and god is all knowing!"

Video of Miracle


What the Dog is Really Responding To

The content of the sound (the call to prayer) is not what the dog is actually responding to. This type of howling that dogs do, which is sometimes referred to as "singing" or "talking", is caused when a dog is irritated by something it hears - whether it be because of the volume or the pitch (or a combination of both). This is because a dog's hearing is much more sensitive than our own - what we may find comfortable to listen to (volume or pitch wise) may bother them quite quickly, and they howl in response to it. So what you really witness happening in the video is the opposite of what is being claimed about it. If you watch the dog's ears closely, you can even see he is visibly irritated by the noise.

Perhaps the best judge of 'miracles' in relation to dogs are not Muslims, who believe them to be najis, and are forbidden to own them in most cases. They of course, would most likely not be familiar with this common canine behavior.

Dog's Responding to Other Irritating Sounds

Below you will find a selection of videos showing that dogs exhibit this "singing" behavior when triggered by many types of noises of varying pitch, volume and source. Many more can be located at Youtube.

Ringing Telephone

Tornado & Ambulance Sirens

Musical Instruments

Alarm Clock

Squeaky Dog Toy

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