From Gaza: Jews Have No Historic Claim to Jerusalem; Modern Israelis Are Merely "Gangs of Organized Crime, Murder, and Degenerate Racism"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Zionism is a colonial combination, for all of its actions, which did not contribute to stability in Palestine or the region, were supported by the colonialists from its creation. Ever since the British mandate over Palestine, this holy land has witnessed nothing but treachery, deception, malice, wickedness, war, destruction, slaughter, aggression, and homelessness.

Colonial Britain in all generosity gave to Palestine a state for the Zionists, who are not connected to the Jewish religion in anyway, for the religion of the children of Israel not to blame for those traitors, who are far removed from the ancient Israeli race which lived for a short time on a part of this blessed land.

Palestine was not a special nation for the Jews in ancient times, for when they founded their nation, this land was already inhabited by Arab tribes, from whom the Palestinians and their neighbors descended. The Arab-ness of Palestine is not debated, for the Canaanite-Arab people who dwelt in this land before the existence of the Jews were an extension of the Arab tribes who (still) haven't left Palestine.

It is well-known from what is written in both ancient and modern history that when the Jews set foot on Palestine, they took power over parts of it by military force. They dwelt there for no more than 7 decades, or 70 years, before they were torn to shreds throughout the land after the fall of their kingdom and temples. Thus Judaism spent only a brief period (in Palestine), and produced nothing of note. It was Christianity, which appeared after Judaism, that stayed until the dawn of Islam.

* * *

The Jews had lived in Palestine as citizens, just like the Muslims and Christians, in safety and security. The Jewish historian Obadiah recorded that al-Quds [Jerusalem] did not contain in the 15th century more than 70 Jewish families. The Commission of Royal Investigation in Palestine in its report to the British Parliament also noted that the total number of Jews in Palestine in 1845 did not reach 12,000.

* * *

Does the Arab nation accept Palestine, the heart of the vibrant nation, becoming a fertile ground for a cheap swap between right and wrong?

The acceptance of this means that gangs of organized crime, murder, and degenerate racism, from various races and ethnicities, who speak the varied languages of their native countries, have become a single religious, racist nation, at the expense of the Palestinian people. [...]
Judaism Is Not a Distinct Nationality, But an Acquired One
Sa'id Sabah, Donia al-Watan, December 8, 2010