From Jordan: "The Repugnant Image of the Jews"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

This is a short editorial from a Dr. Ahmad 'Abdallah al-Maghrebi, writing for, an online Jordanian newspaper. In this article al-Maghrebi bemoans the killing of al-Mabhouh, a Palestinian terrorist killed in Dubai, and laments the lack of reaction in the Arab world.

One of the negative consequences of the Second Gulf War for the Arab media was that it changed our perception of the Zionist personality. For this cursed personality previously had a face of extreme hatred in the perception of the average man, exemplified by revolting and ugly depictions of Zionism, far different from the typical image of the other sons of Adam.

Then came the satellite channels, and from there the Arab channels, followed by numerous meetings with the Zionist personality. After seeing this Zionist personality for himself, the average man almost could not believe that this was the same Zionist personality that was said to be an occupying usurper. But after seeing him with such regularity, he became a commonplace site. Thus the role of the satellite channels was to break the repugnant image of the Jews and make him seem less repulsive. This was followed by official Arab meetings, designed to create a Zionism which could be accepted by us. By this the old image was painted over with a luxurious modern image, one that surpassed even the image of Arabs themselves.

In the same way, we see and hear the murder of al-Mabhouh in Dubai on Arab land. And on all local satellite stations, both Arab and foreign, and in all news releases, we see the Zionist pursue the martyr and lock him up in his cell, or kill him. The faces of the (Zionist) criminals are continually before our eyes and are imprinted in our brains. We guard the image, and our appetite is preserved--what next?

I ask every Arab, every Muslim, every man who has a conscience: “How did you feel when you saw the tape the first time? And how do you feel now after seeing it for the thousandth time?”

The first time the blood was boiling in the veins, and revenge was brewing in all of us. …

* * *

The crime has been committed, and thus the action—for the natural law which God created for this life is that for every action there is a reaction. So then what is the necessary reaction to this crime, and to these criminals?

For thirty years the Zionists have declared that they will hunt down anyone who kills a despicable Zionist, and that the blood of a Zionist will never go to waste, regardless of the time or place or method. And they remind us of what they said with their actions. But they are a foolish people, and we are the companions of truth.

In exchange, how many of our innocent have died at their hands, of our women and our children and our old people? This was done before the eyes of us all. What was our reaction in the face of this bloodshed?

Al-Mabhouh wagered his life, for he was a son of the al-Qassam Brigades, and he was born of the shout: “Jihad, for victory or martyrdom.” However, for he whose heart, mind, and conscience has become desensitized to all this, this has become his reaction: the determination not to react.
The Action Has Been Done, Now What Is the Reaction?
Dr. Ahmad ‘Abdallah al-Maghrebi,, February 22, 2010