Gaza newspaper: "Hoardes of Freemasons and Atheists Have Come to... Remove the Muslim Woman from the Yoke of Religion"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

In this article from Gaza-based al-Watan Voice, Dr. al-Shammari chides Muslim women for imitating western women in desiring personal freedom, and also blasts their immodesty for, among other things, wearing pants and make-up in public.

Many of the shortcomings and transgressions which the companions of the call and of righteousness (i.e. Muslims) should fight against have spread through our society. This needs to be addressed before it festers and becomes commonplace, which will make it harder to treat afterwards.

To get straight to the point, I direct this message to all Muslim women. I call on each Muslim woman to read these words and ponder them well, if she fears for herself, her family, her relatives, and her religion, that she may avoid falling into the pitfalls of immorality, obscenity, and sin. And that she may build up a blessed family, far from the temptations of Satan and his collaborators, being an excellent example of Islam and its morals. That thus we may be a society which is ruled by modesty, self-respect, and virtue.

I say to the Muslim woman: If you desire to please Allah and look forward to a prosperous and stable future for yourself and your family, you must pay attention first to what has been sewn against our Islamic religion because of you. For hoardes of freemasons and atheists have come to promote all that which corrupts their minds to remove the Muslim woman from the yoke of religion and renounce its judgments with her deeds, words, and behavior.

Quite unfortunately the atheists and their purpose reverberate in the ears of some of our girls, and they have begun to subject the judgments of our Islamic religion to what they hear from others. Thus we see many of them have screamed, trying to imitate women of the West in their dress, actions, speech, and all their doings. They reason that individual liberty is guaranteed to them, and none can prohibit it, as long as there is someone who tosses roses in the path of her liberation and advancement.

Know, O Muslim woman, that being carried away after that which is promoting the call of liberation is considered imitating them (i.e. the infidels). We Muslims were commanded not to imitate a people that doesn’t judge after the revelation of Allah, for the prophet of Allah forbade us from imitating such people, saying: “He who imitates a people is of them” (Sunan Abu Dawud, hadith no. 4031).

We don’t want to lay all of the blame on the woman in our society, for all of the reproach and blame placed on her also belongs to all those who assist her in her path of liberation and escape from our original Arab traditions and Islamic doctrine…

* * *

Behold our lord, the prophet of Allah, said that the fitna (sedition) of women was the greatest affliction the society would encounter: “I have left behind me no greater fitna for men than (the fitna of) women” (Sahih al-Bukhari, 5/1959, hadith no. 4808).

* * *

…we have begun to see many girls…in the past few decades wear what is considered distasteful for men to wear, which is pants. Some clerics have said that it is not permissible men to wear pants, for it is considered the dress of Jews and Christians from whom we are commanded to differ. This is referring to men, so then what if women wear them?

My Muslim sister, it is your duty to wear loose clothes that don’t describe and don’t reveal. Also to refrain from wearing pants, unless there is something covering them so that no part of them is showing, and that what is over them is loose and not tight nor revealing. This so that you are not one of whom the prophet of Allah spoke: “I will not be a witness for two types of people who are destined for the Fire: people with whips like the tails of cows, who beat the people, and women who, although clothed, are yet naked, seducing and being seduced, their hair styled like the tilted humps of camels. These will not enter the Garden nor will its fragrance even reach them, although its fragrance reaches a very great distance.” ...
Unto You, O Muslim Woman
Dr. Muhammad al-Shammari, al-Watan Voice, March 2, 2010