Hamas Denies Involvement in Egypt Protests

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

A leader of Hamas, which describes itself as "one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood," insists that his movement has nothing to do with the events in Egypt, and criticized the media for circulating these rumors.

The Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip emphasized its denial of media reports which have accused it of being involved in some of the protests witnessed in Egypt. The government of Hamas in the Gaza Strip stressed its respect for the private matters of Arab and non-Arab countries, denying suspicious attempts to toss the Gaza Strip and the (Hamas) movement into some of the events in Egypt. Salah al-Bardawil, a leader in the (Hamas) movement, said, "The repeated attempts from some media outlets in Egypt to throw the Hamas movement and the Palestinian people in Gaza into the middle of the events and the popular movement in Egypt are a strange thing."

Al-Bardawil expressed that, "These attempts have no purpose except to damage the Hamas movement, and to antagonize the West against it, as well as to flee from an objective analysis of what is happening in Egypt, and to export the crisis to Gaza." (He said this), stressing that Hamas has a fixed policy of non-intervention in the internal affairs of any Arab or non-Arab country, and of not transporting the battle from inside Palestine to any other arena.

At the same time, the President of the Government Media Office in Gaza, Hassan Abu-Hashish, stated that what has been said are rumors attempting to cast Palestinian people and groups in the Gaza Strip into the events in Egypt. (He described) these attempts as misguided and misleading, whose goal was to divert attention and confuse, and to invite new aggressive Israeli and international moves.

He pointed to the role of the Interior Ministry in the Hamas movement to control the border with Egypt, which is in the highest interest of the people. (He called upon) the media to exercise caution and prudence, and to work with the utmost responsibility in the face of these leaks and accusations, and to refer to official sources and documented agencies before dealing with (anyone else).