Hamas Glories in 2003 Suicide Bombing in Israeli Restaurant Which Killed 17

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

From the official website of Hamas' military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades.

al-Qassam - exclusive: Eight years have passed, and yet the memory of the heroism displayed by that man remains vivid in our minds. Eight years ago a member of the al-Qassam Brigades, the hero Shadi Zakaria al-Tubasi, executed his martyrdom operation which shook the heart of the usurped city of Haifa. At that time, the martyr entered a Zioinist restaurant carrying a "meal" made by al-Qassam. Within moments after entering the restaurant, the echo of the explosion shook the ground under the enemies' feet. The al-Qassam hero was able to carry out his operation, causing everyone there to fall wounded or dead; in total he was able to kill at least 17 Zionists, and injure more than 45 others.

The Place Is Destroyed, al-Qassam Endorses the Operation

The restaurant Matse next to the Grand Canyon commercial complex in central Haifa was the stage for the operation. Eye witnesses said at the time that the roof of the restaurant was completely destroyed. In the midst of the terror left behind by al-Qassam, a Zionist described the death that he witnessed but did not partake of himself: "I was sitting on the balcony of my house which is near the restaurant, and suddenly I heard a loud noise like I'd never heard before in my life, and afterwards I saw everything destroyed all at once."

For its part, the al-Qassam Brigades endorsed the operation, and declared the heroism of the commando who had come from the alleys of the Jenin refugee camp to cause the enemies to taste the meal of death which had been prepared by al-Qassam. For the hero was a member of al-Qassam: Shadi Zakaria al-Tubasi, 23 years old, was the one who aptly delivered the meals of death in that operation.

Haifa and Shadi, and the Art of Choosing the Location

Haifa, o bride of the captive tales, al-Qassam have not forgotten you. Behold they have sent you one of their righteous sons to inform you, o captive bride, that you remain in our memory, lingering painfully in our consciousness. He was desperate for Allah to bring them together, with all the impatience of the lover whose enemy has robbed him of his love. Shadi prepared his plan, initially intending to target the commercial complex named Grand Canyon. However, when he tried to enter the complex, he saw the restaurant teeming with Zionists, and became excited and decided to blow himself up there instead. The restaurant is situated beside the commercial complex which at that time was heavily patrolled by security guards. Therefore the heroic al-Qassam member was able to offer up 17 Zionists in sacrifice as a gift to the usurped Haifa, to allow Haifa to sleep calmly knowing that her captivity will not last much longer.