Hundreds of Questions to Ask a Muslim (response)

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This article expresses a pro-Islamic viewpoint. It is a response to: Questions to Ask a Muslim (Humor)

  1. The Kaa'ba was destroyed at least twice after Muhammad's death. Why didn't Allah send birds to protect the Kaa'ba then?
    • Because the times we live in means that the majority of people are like infidels and have little faith. Allah is in no need of sending birds when the knowledge that the Kaaba would be repaired was pre-ordained in his All-knowing wisdom.
  2. Muslims believe that our body parts will testify our sins in the hereafter. Is that true for donated body parts as well?
    • Yes, but this is symbolism for the contracting universe. Surely intellectuals like infidels should know that one day (judgment day) the universe (including time) will begin to retract, so every deceased person will be revived (albeit in reverse), and there actions will be uncontrollable, as their consience gazes down upon their physical bodies.
  3. Is the milk of those milk rivers in heaven cow’s milk? How many cows does it take for Allah to produce all that milk?
    • If cows milk is the best beverage in the universe, then cows milk it is. What is the point of cows when Allah can chemically react the neccasery chemicals in order to create milk.
    • Allah can create anything without any cows helping. Even still God could make cow's milk without the need for cows.
    • How did Allah create water? There is so much water around, do you think there is a factory somewhere that puts two hydrogen molecules with oxygen and make water? Allah is so powerful so surely He can do whatever he desires..
  4. Isn't creation of the universe a very easy task for Allah? Why should we thank Allah for something he didn't really put much effort in doing it?
    • Because to the human mind, in fact, for all of creation, the creation of the universe is literally "OUR WHOLE WORLD". The fact that it was an easy task for ALLAH proves how magnificent HE is.
    • Since God is our creator we must worship him. It is the same way we create computers and they obbey our every command.
  5. Little children may believe in Cinderella talking to birds and mice and stuff. What makes you smarter than a child if you believe that Suleiman, as the Qur'an says, was talking to ants?
    • Because the Qur'an also says that the universe was created in a big bang, all chemical life (life which is percievable on our wavelength) originated from water, and so on. The same way as pets sometimes save their owners lives by leading them away or signalling a crisis, the ants sent SIGNALS to Prophet Sulaiman.
    • What you are saying here is that God doesn't have the power to provide Suleiman the ability to talk to ants.
    • As a side note, What is more amazing than talking to a God?
  6. Why didn't Allah create us circumcised if he wants us that way?
    • So foreskin related deseases can still spread amongst infidels such as yourselves. Remember death is the natural order of life.
    • It's the same thing as asking why didn't Allah create us perfect? It's to test if we are willing to follow God's orders and worship him.
    • Why do our hairs grow if we have to cut them? Surely evolution should have taken care of it? (as it seems to work for bacteria but not for humans?)
  7. Why did Allah order us to have beards? Didn't he know Chinese can't grow a beard?
    • They CAN. Communism banned beard-growing. The Quran makes no reference to beards.
    • Allah never ordered Muslims to grow beards, it is just a thing (sunah) the prophet did. It's just to show that we follow him.
    • Well regardless of the order issue, if you CANT grow a beard then that is fine. Come on.. this is really another dumb question!
  8. Why should we pray? Doesn't Allah already know what we want him to do for us? Do we have to SAY our demands in order for him to take action?
    • Praying is not just to ask God what we want. It is to connect us to God and show some need for God. We should never stay away from God long enough as to forget that he grants us our demands. We also have to show some begging for these demands and that they should never be too easy to get.
    • 1.Praying the way Muslims do (namaaz) is a scientifically proven healthy exercise.
    • 2.The way Muslims pray symbolizes the greatness of Allah, the way we look down and bow our heads.
    • 3.Muslims aren't meant to pray for "THINGS!". We pray to show our gratefulness for providing us existence.THATS WHY
  9. Many of the people who were so close to Muhammad didn't believe him like Abu Sufyan and Abu Taleb. Why is that?
    • Just like today, the society of the times had been based around paganism/atheism. All that is changing however, with the theory of intelligent design.
    • Because magic was a very large thing back then and people needed evidence that he is not a sorcerer.
  10. Why is the Qur'an full of verses that say "Muhammad is not crazy"? Why did so many people accuse Muhammad of being crazy?
    • Because they were confounded when introduced to the concepts of space, physics and astrobiology.
  11. If Allah wants apostates to be executed, why doesn't he do it himself? Does He need our help in fulfilling his desires?
    • Allah is free of all desire. The desire to establish a global Muslim society is one of the typical Muslim radical. The laws bestowed unto man are designed to help in our material world.We have freedom of religion we never kill apostates but some Muslims countries do it even though we aren't ordered to do that.
  12. Who created Allah? If Allah does not have to be created, why can't the universe also not have to be created?
    • Because man has proven that the universe (nature) can be manipulated. It is illogical to suggest that the emergence of the material world happened by random. If a force, like gravity, is essential for life to exist, then THE FORCE, ALLAH, is essential for the universe to exist. THE FORCE is the establishment of the predetermined destination of the evolving universe. The fact that intelligent life, let alone the magnificent cosmos in its current state exists, is proof enough. Allah is the endless cycle (force) that creates, shapes, and concieves the ending cycle of the multiverse. It is a "promise, binding upon Him," which we cannot percieve, but most probably due to the nurturing nature of Allah.
  13. If the Qur'an was written by God, why does it fail to convince the whole world that it's really written by God? For example, the theory of gravity is convincing enough that everyone believes in it!
    • Because modern day propaganda (and Satan) has deluded infidels.
  14. This question is for Shiites: Why doesn't Allah and Imam Zaman heal Ali Khamenei's hand?
  15. If Allah wanted Ali to be the substitute after Muhammad, why did He fail in his plan?
    • Sunnis don't agree with Shias.
    • Where do you get that Allah wanted Ali to be substitute?
  16. The Quran says the Earth will tell its stories in the hereafter. Does the Earth have a brain, a mouth and a tongue?
    • As time contracts in the contracting universe, the Earth will "show" it's stories. Allah is in no need of hearing or vision anyway, and this feature of judgment day is for the sole purpose of astounding us.
  17. The three Jewish tribes of Medina were all accused of betrayal, and they were all Jewish. Why didn't Muhammad do the same thing for all of them if he was acting on Allah's plan?
    • Two of the tribes--the Banu Nadir and the Banu Qaynuqa--were eventually exiled for falling short on their agreed upon commitments and for the consequent danger they posed to the nascent Muslim community. The Banu Qurayza, betrayed the Muslims after this incident, by joining the Makkahn's against the Muslims in the battle of Trench.
  18. Quran says there were magicians doing weird stuff. Does Allah really believe that witches can do magic?
    • The Qur'an instructs humanity to not be FOOLED or DECEIVED by these "magicians", just like countless Americans blindly follow David Blain and others. It's not the witches that do magic. It is extra-spectral plasmabeasts (jinn) who DECEIVED the people of ancient Arabia by impacting the environment. Something that lightning, ball lightning etc, does even today through alien abduction, hallucination and fairies etc.
  19. Why does SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) occur? Why would Allah allow a baby to live for such a short period of time? Why not just let them not be born in the first place?
    • Every event happens for a reason and the death of an infant has an impact on the rest of someone's life. This is in no way depriving the child as this world is nothing but material.
  20. Did Laleh and Ladan have two souls?
    • If the bodily functions were independent from each other, then yes, otherwise no.
  21. If Hijab is good for the society, how come no secular or non-Muslim sociologists or psychologists have affirmed this fact?
    • Because it is not psychological, but basic human decency.
  22. Why did Allah create dinosaurs and then killed them all?
    • The dinosaurs were not totally wiped out, but amongst the species alive today. In fact, baby dinosaurs were brought upon Noahs ark.
  23. If Allah opened the sea so that Moses and the Jews could run away from Egypt, why didn't he open the gates of concentration camps?
    • Because in the times we are living in, this is one of the events signaling the end is nigh. The ancient Jews had Moses (peace be upon him) to be an example of a good human, and Allah performed miracles for him. As most people in these times are of little faith anyway, and Hitler was just a pawn in a greater plot by American New World Order Oil and Poppy tycoons, Allah does not need to aid materialistic bodies when judgment day is literally round the corner.
  24. Why are we granted free will if our duty in this life to Allah is to do as we are told? We are told to follow rules upon threat of punishment. Is that really free will?
    • Yes, because people like you are FREE to do what you WILL, without taking into consideration the progress of mankind, and be PUNISHED accordingly. FREE WILL is a test, FREE WILL is what Adam and Eve received when they ate from the tree, their shameful parts became apparent, and their animal-like instincts evolved into human consciousness. Before this, their minds were in a constant state of bliss (Eden) as they acted upon their instincts only.
  25. If you are born retarded, does that mean your "soul" is retarded as well?
    • You become retarded due to the effects of the observable universe, the soul travels through the spectrums of the multiverse, FREE WILL (what people who are not handicapped take for granted) no longer becomes applicable, therefore it will seem as if everyone is "retarded"
  26. What is the purpose of prayer? What can a finite being on Earth possibly tell an omnipotent and omniscient Allah which he doesn't know already?
    • Muslims aren't meant to pray for "THINGS!". We pray to show our gratefulness for providing us existence. THATS WHY. We pray to psychologically humble ourselves, not to demand pork.
  27. How can Heaven be utter bliss when you know that people you love and care about are burning in Hell?
    • On judgment day, you will no longer love and care about the people you loved and cared about.
  28. Quran says whatever you want will be available for you in heaven. Can we ask Allah to let us be the God of the Universe for a few days instead of him?
    • The universe will not exist, and the Qur'an does not say that anyway. We must understand to lean towards a more metaphorical method of depicting descriptions of Heaven. The whole "old man god" thing has ruined western society into applying terrestrial examples to cosmological statements.
  29. In which direction should a Muslim say his daily prayers when he is on planet Mars?
    • Earth.
  30. If Allah's design is so perfect, why do men have nipples? Why didn't God create teeth in a way that we don't have to go to a dentist?
    • Nipples are the openings to the soul, and the way angels can determine your mental processes. Things that ruin your teeth should be a sign for you telling you that this type of food is bad for you. Before methods of determining fat levels etc were invented, the decaying of the teeth is probably how people realised that sugar was not good to constantly consume. Don't drink beer or eat chocolate for a lifetime and I doubt you'd need to visit the dentist. It also helps to remind you that this world is decaying and material.
  31. Before reading and writing were invented (5000BC), what basis did Allah use to judge the people who died before the Hebrew and Greek text (BIBLE) were written?
    • People will be judged on Judgment Day. Are you trying to say that reading and writing is limited to this measly planet? I WOULD THINK THAT THE ANGELS RECORD YOUR SINS USING TECHNOLOGY OF THEIR SPECTRUM, not paper and pen. Remember, the all-knowing being would HAVE to use metaphors in order to describe cosmological activity, especially to 7th century man.
  32. Red Indians did not have any prophets. Why did Allah leave them alone? How are they going to be judged in the hereafter?
    • How do you know that monolithic knowledge had not been lost along with time? When we discovered the Indians, the last prophet had long since passed.
  33. Doesn't the fact that prophets are all from middle east, show that prophet-hood is a middle eastern method of deceiving people?
    • No, it shows, (just like oil discoveries) that the middle east has a distinct history and significance to Allah.
  34. Brain transplants will eventually be possible. Where would the soul end up then?
    • Whoever's brain is controlling the body. Along with the brain the angels would transplant the soul.
  35. Quran says Allah made a man very similar to Jesus and he was the one who was crucified, doesn't that mean Allah has deceived all the Christians? What can we expect from Christians when Allah has fooled them by creating someone similar to Jesus?
    • And yet, merely 600 years later, knowledge was provided on Jesus' crucifixion through the miracle of the Qur'an.
  36. Why does almost every description of Allah also equal non-existence? (i.e. incorporeal, immaterial, ineffable, unfathomable, incomprehensible, etc.)
    • None of these words equal non-existence, but inconceivability, and are designed to further suggest the measliness of the human mind. To 7th century man, gravity was inconceivable, does that mean it didn't exist?
  37. Muslims assert that since we and our Universe are an intelligent design, we must have been created by God. But then God is an intelligent design also, so who created him? Isn't God complex enough to require a creator in minds of theists?
    • No because Allah is the highest endless cycle(force) of all cycles(forces). What exactly make God an intelligent design, god IS REALITY, WE ARE DESIGN.
  38. If the story of Noah's ark is true: What did Noah do with all the feces? There wasn't even adequate ventilation. Hell, what did the meat-eating animals eat? And where were the dinosaurs and Unicorns in all this?
    • They were there, I'm a little unconvinced about Unicorns having existed though. How do you know there wasn't adequate ventilation? According to my sources, Noah's Ark was based upon extra-spectral/terrestrial (angelic) designs, and probably had technological components.
  39. If Allah is all-knowing is there anything we can do to surprise him? If not, why does he react so often to what we do?
    • No, the things that we are seeing in our lifetime is the approaching end times, apocalyptic warnings.
  40. Christians and Muslims are not moved by the fact that their Gods have killed innocent little babies in the most severe massacre of all times, the Noah's storm, and they try to rationalize it by any means. Doesn't that mean their sense of humanity is massively corrupted?
    • Sense of humanity? Yes. Corrupted? No. We must respect all human life, but the overall plan of God is to do with the hereafter. Crusades and floods are methods upon which mankind reflects and progresses.
  41. If you can help to stop a crime and you don't then you are an immoral person. How can God not help to stop crimes and still be moral?
    • Crime is yet another delusion of this world. If I was robbed, not only does it help me to understand the thought processes of certain individuals of mankind, and lose some interest in material goods, but it also reminds you that this world is nothing but material.
  42. Muhammad said that black cumin cures all diseases except death[1]. Can it cure AIDS, Polio, Diabetes and Bird Flu among many others?
    • Maybe if we funded and researched on treatment with black cumin, we may discover something. Hadiths, especially distant ones, are not as reliable as the Qur'an. Honey heals. Black cumin heals. The above deseases are recent and artificially induced through modern methods of living anyway. AIDS was inflicted upon Africa by the American government. What other religion has given any suggestion on medical advancement at all, apart from Islam?
  43. If Allah is almighty, can he make a rock so big that he can’t lift it?
    • By "lift" I assume you mean transport. By "big" I assume you mean large when observed through our perceptions of Space/time. The answer is no, as he can create the biggest rock, and transport it if he wills, however he may choose not to, or choose to deceive you into thinking he cannot "lift" it, so he is still almighty, even if he CAN lift everything. (notice that my answer is confusing due to the stupidness of the question. If one CANNOT do something, that DOES NOT make them ALMIGHTY.)
  44. How much of a God is Allah who made 128,000 failed prophets and then Muhammad with a final message?
    • Whoever said these prophet's failed? They were part of the overall plan of God.
  45. When God made his former and failed prophet, Jesus, capable of making water into wine, to feed multitudes with little bread and fish, why did his perfect messenger Muhammad have to pillage and loot for a living?
    • These miracles were what helped prophet Jesus to gain followers. Muhammad had the Qur'an.
  46. Why would God have to bribe his followers by promising them loot?
    • God rewards good deeds. God threatens disbelievers. These are not bribes, but commands, acquire the wealth and distribute according to the law of God.
  47. Is it a true sign of being Allah’s prophet that a man spreads so much fear and so little wisdom?
    • So little wisdom!? It is thanks to Islam that mathematics evolved, and technology has arisen.
  48. If Judaism and Christianity and Islam are from the same God, why did God prohibit pork eating for Jews and didn't prohibit it for Christians and then again prohibited it for Muslims? Stoning adulterers to death also was not practiced by Christians and then again was practiced by Muslims. Did God change his mind twice?
    • The pope liked pork, so the Bible was changed. Stoning was never prescribed in the Qur'an.
  49. Why didn't Allah include anything REALLY useful in the Quran, like how to grow crops in the desert, or how to desalinate sea water?
    • Because He included EVEN MORE USEFUL things like how to treat your mother and the laws of gravity.
  50. How many Muslims end up marrying fat ugly women because they never get a chance to see them before the wedding?
    • Shows just how much superficiality you endorse. Marriage is a contract that ensures the survival of the human race. Not a nightclub.
    • Who said a Muslim couple can't see each before the wedding? Prophet Mohammad himself advised couples to look at each other before getting married so that they'll get to know each other. Besides, beauty is relative, an extremely beautiful woman for someone could be not really beautiful according to someone else; there are no standards. After all, beauty is not everything.
  51. Why do Muslims have to look down when they pray? Why aren't they allowed to look up towards "heaven"? Is Allah shy?
    • By not humbling yourself when addressing the Lord of the Worlds illogical.
  52. If the Quran is the last testament of God, why was it delivered only in Arabic - a language only a small fraction of world could speak?
    • Because of all the languages I've heard, ancient Arabic sounds the sweetest. Why was the Bible delivered in Hebrew? Isn't it logical to send the message in the language of it's messenger?
  53. Why did God make the Islamic holy day Friday, the Jewish holy day Saturday, and the Christian holy day Sunday? Does he just like to bask in worship for nearly half the week?
    • A day is nothing to The Lord of the Worlds. The reason for Christian Sunday is because they believe god needed to "rest" after building the universe and all. Jews have their own reasons, keep at least one special prayer for the week where the weak can pray alongside. The question is why do Muslims pray on Friday, as that is the one, true religion as it follows the Qur'an?
  54. If Allah is omnipresent does he exist in donkey's feces?
    • The decaying nature of His Command exists in donkey's feces, if it didn't, then the world would be donkey's feces.
  55. What did Allah create wisdom tooth for? Did he want us to suffer?
  56. If everything has been created by Allah, are Satan or the Jinn also his creations?
  57. Comparing the Earth to the Universe is like comparing a drop of water to the Ocean. Humans live on this drop of Ocean (Universe). Why would Allah who has the power to create this universe, be so much worried about such a small thing like all humans worshipping him?
    • Who said he was worried? It is we who need to be worried thus the reason for the Qur'anic warning. Allah's name is to be praised throughout the worlds, not just Earth.
  58. If nobody has seen Allah, its sex cannot be determined. Why do we still address it as a male?
    • Why do you still address Him as biological life?
  59. If all non-believers go to hell, then everyone who died before the religion was revealed would end up in Hell. Why were they never given a chance?
    • Allah (c.c.) do not judge those who had no chance of learning Islam for not following it.
    • Islam is a religion. Believers, are people who act according to God, and have faith in ONE OMNIPRESENT force. The force which keeps gravity swinging the world around the giant inferno called the Sun.
  60. How do you know that the angel Muhammad was talking to was from Allah and was not Satan himself?
    • The prophet started a religion based on equality and justice.(yes, This is true.) Then they led to removing all idolatry and unjust traditions, like burrying baby girls alive, from the Arabian peninsula. I say if the angel was Satan, he hasn't done a good job.
    • Because the Qur'an confirms this. I doubt demons would teach humans to respect the cosmos.
  61. Why does Allah want Muslims (if not the entire world) to follow 7th century Sharia law?
    • When Islam came, Arab laws were corrupted. Sharia law has brought sense, conscience and justice. Rules were always open to change if they were found unjust or nonsense. However conservative rules following death of first 4 Kaliphah were not so eager to change any rule for fake conscience.
    • Allah wants muslims to believe, follow the laws of the Quran, and respect humanity and nature.
  62. Why did Allah make most of the Muslim countries the most corrupted and economically deprived?
    • People did that to themselves by stepping away from Islam.
    • Because of free will. Muslims are not perfect either. If the world is a test what could be a better test for them then trying to unite, develop and prosper?
    • If it were not for American influence, the oil drenched Muslim nations would be the most prosperous on Earth.
  63. Why would a God need angels to send his messages to someone?
  64. A common Muslim belief is that there are two angels sitting on the shoulders of everyone, and they write the good and bad deeds of people. Why is that necessary? What is the necessity of the bureaucracy? Doesn't Allah know everything? Why would he want angels to write things?
  65. Where would the angel sit if the person loses his shoulder?
    • Does the person have a mechanical arm? :P
  66. Are little kids like Ayesha safe from hands of people like Prophet Muhammad and other pedophiles in heaven?
  67. Quran says that everything a believer desires will be available to him in heaven. Does that include the wives of Muhammad and sex with Allah himself?
    • Please don't bother with what you will want to do in heaven because persons having such type of mentality won't even smell the scent of heaven. The holy people who will go to heaven won't ever want any wrong things like these. It's like while awarding a police officer for his honesty and giving him the opportunity to ask anything he wants, he asks if he could kill his wife without getting any punishment.
  68. What will happen to transsexuals in heaven? Will they be given hoories?
  69. Why does Allah send a soul to the body of a bastard child? What about a retarded child? What about a baby that is going to die after a few hours?
  70. Is a baby dying always going to be a little baby, let’s say 1 week old, forever so in paradise?
  71. Do you think Allah will send any child to hell, if it is non-Muslim or behaves badly?
    • Of course not! According to Islam all children born innocent and Muslim. They chose different religions later in their lives.
    • According to Islam children can not sin until a certain age.
  72. Do you really think a merciful God and an eternal hell go along in the first place?
    • The merciful God would be taken advantage of, unless you reminded the presence of hell.
    • Allah (c.c.) forgives all sins of those who truly repents, but still people can sin against each other. So one should ask for forgiveness from those whose he had come into rights of, to go to heaven. Allah (c.c.) knows the best.
  73. If Islam is the true religion why did Muhammad himself not get anywhere during his 10-12 years of preaching in Mecca? Does a true religion need the help of a sword?
    • Indeed he did. Many choose to became Muslim. Moreover, after Muslims moved to Medina, a peace agreement had been signed for 10 years but infidels had broken the agreement because during these times preachings had resulted to many more to choose to embrace Islam. Unfortunately, non-Muslim Arabs used to resolve their problems with the sword.
  74. Can Allah commit suicide?
  75. What is the use of Islam if Muslims do not even agree among each other how they should offer their daily prayers?
    • Because Muslims are not perfect either.
  76. If our souls are not physical, how can we burn in hell?
    • On the day of judgment all will be revived with bodies. And does it really matter? Maybe God has a soul burning fire.
  77. If Allah knows everything, why did he make Quran so ambiguous? Did he just want Muslims to spend their spare time trying to figure out its meanings?
    • Quran is never ambiguous. Anyone who understands Arabic knows that.
  78. What are those letters at the beginning of some surahs? Does God love cryptography or did he just want another Mullah to say that they prove that people can be turned into monkeys?
    • They are simply Arabic letters. It proves that although Qur'an was written using Arabic letters, no Arabic person can write such miraculous words, even though Arabians at that time were most fluent in Arabic. These letters simply show how miraculous Qur'an is.
  79. Why did God make anal sex a taboo? Did he just want Muhammad to enjoy it all by himself?
  80. If Allah knows everything, why did he create Satan who one day will make him angry?
    • So that the rest of the story took place.
  81. How can God become angry if he's perfect?
  82. If Noah's flood was so big, where did all the water go?
  83. We’ve gone to the Moon and didn't find the invisible rope. Why is that?
    • Why were you looking for an invisible rope at the first place? Also how do you intend to find an INVISIBLE rope?
  84. Where did Zoul-kar-Nain find Ya'gog and Ma'gog? We can't locate them today.
    • There is a theory that Zoul-kar-Nain had traveled through space. If that is true, it is normal that you can't find them.
  85. After death the infidels will be tortured by a bald snake. Is it the same snake from the Egyptian myths (Apep)? Why does Allah love to borrow from other cultures?
  86. Are there bars and stuff in heaven or is it just rivers?
    • Bars, pubs, cafes even shopping malls where there is 100% discount indefinately. :D
  87. Can someone get a 130% alcohol drink in heaven? Or do physical laws apply in the supernatural heaven too?
  88. Will Allah send birds to save Ka'aba if infidels launch missiles towards Mecca? In fact Ka'aba has been attacked twice after Islam. Why didn’t Allah send anything for those attacks?
    • I believe because God performs such miracles in case of desperation of humans. Allah (c.c.) knows the best.
  89. Do Jinns have sex? If yes, how can they have sex if they are invisible? (not physical)
    • They are invisible to us. Not to themselves.
  90. Why doesn’t Allah just make an electromagnetic field around the Ka'aba to protect it?
  91. If I am in heaven and ask for a drink that is cooler than the Absolute zero will I get it?
  92. If I am in heaven and ask for the blackest box ever and then Einstein who is another heavener asks for a blacker box, will he get it?
  93. If I am in heaven and ask for the power to create my own universe will I get it?
    • Why not.
  94. If I’m in heaven and ask to have sex with one of Muhammad’s wives, will Allah grant my wish?
    • One must first think if this attitude is right for those who wanna go to heaven. Adultery is forbidden after all.
  95. If I ask for a KFC meal at heaven will I get it? Even with the trademark?
    • You will get even better if you go to heaven.
  96. If I wish for the latest book about string theory in heaven will Allah give it to me, even if this book is copyrighted?
    • I remind you that one has to copyright his product separately for various regions on world. So as long as owners don't apply for a copyright in heaven it should be ok. :P
  97. If I am in heaven and am not a native Arabic speaker, how will I understand my neighbors? Will there be a universal language in heaven?
    • Everyone will automatically converse in Arabic.
  98. If I am in heaven and wish to be cloned, will Allah grant my wish? Does this mean that God can clone me? What about the ethical part of cloning? Does this make God unethical?
  99. Why did Gabriel need a donkey to move?
  100. Muhammad said that anyone who knows the 99 names of Allah will go to heaven[2]. If a serial rapist and murderer knows the 99 names of Allah, will he go to heaven too?
    • Of course not. Anyone will answer for their crimes. This hadith of The Prophet means that knowing God's names by heart will guide you on the path to heaven. All names of Allah has meanings and memorizing the names without meanings can not be considered knowing the names.
  101. Quran says body parts will testify against us in judgment day. What if you have had a heart transplant and changed your heart with someone else’s heart? Whose heart or any other body part will testify for whom?
  102. Why do Afghans live much shorter than Americans? Why does Allah give those infidel Americans more years to live than Afghans? Maybe that’s because Americans live in a healthier environment and society and death has nothing to do with Allah and Israel and all that nonsense.
    • Allah gives us time to do more good works for the believers and gives time to the non believers in the meantime they may understand and come to the true way.
  103. Funny clowns like Harun Yahya claim that evolution is against Qur'an and there are some other Muslims (Rajavi’s cult for example) who say that evolution is in Qur'an. What kind of screwed up book is the Qur'an?
    • Unfortunately and because evolution has became a tool for atheists, religious people see evolution theory as a challenge against their beliefs. Especially because evolution theory contradicts Bible, however, Quran does not. I believe Harun Yahya had brought up his ideas because of his concerns.
  104. Why was Imam Hassan killed by his wife? What sort of family values and love is that? How can such family be an example for all of us?
    • Don't even speak of that! Do a google on how many people are killing each other in western society.. is that what it teaches you?
  105. Fatimah married Ali when she was 12 and she died when she was 18. She gave birth to at least 5 children in these 6 years. That doesn't look so cool, does it? Even a camel would die living like that.
    • As a matter of fact she married Ali when she was 18, and died when she was 27. She was a mother of 4; 2 boys( Al-hasan and Al-husain) and 2 girls( Zainab and Um-kolthum). So there was nothing abnormal about that, was there?
  106. Can a prophet toss a dice and get 9?
    • Only if Allah wishes. Oh or if there is 9 on dice.
  107. Fatimah was born 5 years after Hijra. Muhammad married Khadijah when he was 25 and she was 40. Muhammad claimed prophet hood when he was 40, therefore Khadijah would have been 60 when she gave birth to Fatimah. Why do Muslims hide this amazing miracle? Or in other words who the hell's daughter was Fatimah?
    • Actually, Fatima was born 5 years BEFORE our prophet Mohammad became the messenger of Allah. That means that Khadijah was 50, and that is not a miraculous age to become pregnant. Some women don't reach post-puberty till 55 or more.
  108. How can bodies in heaven overcome the Aging process? Does God have Anti-Aging agents? He could make a fortune by selling them on Earth.
    • What nonsense... He is the creator.. he can do anything he wishes. Heaven is there as a reward.. and if you are old or young.. who wants to be that.. we would all rather be somewhere in the middle and stay like that
  109. Quran says faces will turn black if the person is a sinner, and the face will turn white if the person is not in (Quran 3:106 & 39:60). In the light of this, what will happen to black people? And isn't that racism?
  110. If person A dies and person B eats person A, the body parts of person A will become the body parts of the person B. In the judgment day what will happen to the body parts of person A on Judgment day?
    • Why everyone takes it so literally? Allah will revive all with their bodies in the judgment day.
    • Allah has created person A and B once, why would it be any harder to separate person A from B. :P
  111. Did Adam and Eve have immune systems? If so, why? If not, when did humans develop them and how long did that take?
    • Well I would say they had immune systems. However if not then you should ask your evolutionary buddies!
  112. Why did Allah flood the earth to remove evil? It didn't work! Evil came right back. Allah should have known that would happen! So why did He bother?
    • Well if we follow that logistics, why create Satan (known as Lucifer) when God knew that he will cause humans to go astray?
    • Secondly the flood happened to wipe people off and was a prayer from the Prophet Lut/Lot and God simply fulfilled it!
  113. If Allah is loving, and knows our fate, then why does he have to put us through the "test" of life?
    • What's the fun then?
    • If Allah had put us in hell & heaven because He knew what each of us will do, then you would have complained that He didn't give you a chance and sent you to hell!
  114. Why doesn't any one of the good Muslims who are now in heaven ask Allah to contact us and tell us that they really live in heaven?
    • if they do so, then where's the exam for which we are all sent to the Earth?? the exam- who will believe the one Allah and who will not after receiving the messages of Allah by His holy prophets.
  115. Would you rather eat poison (a small quantity which wont kill you) or a little bit of baked ham?
    • This is a misunderstood concept about pork. Non-Muslims think we'd rather die than eat pork but in case of starvation and if pork is only way to survive, you should eat not to starve to death.
  116. Why did Allah not protect Christianity from corruption? Couldn't he get it right the first time? This is like releasing buggy software (Judaism, Christianity) and then finally releasing a software (Islam) that is claimed to work.
    • Because of free will. God might have wanted to see if humans can keep something precious for them safe. Apparently not.
  117. Is Allah the god of the Old Testament?
    • Term 'Allah' is a derivative of 'God' in Arabic, so Allah is one true god whichever religion you believe.
    • If I call "box" "baksa" (in another language) does that mean I am not talking about box?
  118. Muhammad said if you eat 7 dates every morning, no poison can harm you[3]. Does that include protection against Anthrax, Arsenic and Cyanide?
    • Why don't you try this out?
    • Are you questioning Prophet Muhammad? If you have full faith on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Allah, then God willingly nothing will harm you

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