International Union of Muslim Scholars Issues Statement in Support of the Egyptian Protests; Calls the Protests a 'Jihad'

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

"Those who have been killed in the Egypt protests are considered martyrs by Allah."

The International Union of Muslim Scholars announced that it stands with the popular Egyptian revolution, and supports Mubarak and his regime stepping down and allowing the Egyptian people to choose for themselves.

In a statement released on Sunday, 30 Jan 2011, the Union counselled President Mubarak to "Fear Allah for the blood of the Egyptians, of which there is no need to shed any more." The report stated, "Thirty years was enough for you, President. Go and let the people resolve its own affairs and construct an interim government, which will oversee the election of a new constituent assembly to give birth to a new constitution that will include all of the principles and values aspired to by the people after their long trial since the year 1952."

The Union declared that the 150 (people) who were shot and killed by security officials, "or by the self-employed thugs and criminals, they are martyrs for Allah." [The Union] considered that "Those that were slain are martyrs, for they were killed unjustly and aggressively, for leaving their homes for the purpose of jihad. They enter into the meaning of the noble saying: 'The master of martyrs is Hamza bin 'Abd-al-Muttalib and a man who stood up to an oppressive ruler where he ordered him and forbade him so he [the ruler] killed him." [...]