Iraqi Columnist Blames Alexandria Bombing on Fatwa Issued by Saudi Shaykh

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

This Iraqi columnist finds a link between the bombing in Alexandria and the fatwa (link-Arabic) issued by Saudi Shaykh al-Barrak in March of 2009, which termed the Coptic Church in Egypt "kufar," or infidels, for allegedly keeping captive a Coptic girl who had converted to Islam (the claims against the Coptic Church turned out to be false, but that has not stopped the lie being used as a pretext for violence against Egypt's minorities) .

To the Egyptian President: this is the document and fatwa which was issued in Saudi Arabia, and which authorized the recent bombing at the church in Alexandria in Egypt. ...

I was by chance searching on the Web on the developments of [Sheikh 'Abd-al-Rahman bin Nasir] al-Barrak's fatwas...during my research I noticed the existence of another dangerous and important fatwa concerning the terrorist action in Egypt, which was sealed and signed by ... Sheikh 'Abd-al-Rahman bin Nasir al-Barrak. This fatwa was connected to the issue of the female Egyptian Coptic Christian Camilia, who had converted to Islam. It was said, or rumored, among extremist Salafi Wahhabi circles in Egypt that the church in Egypt was holding her, and not permitting her to leave. He was the one who pushed the Salafi Wahhabis in Egypt to erupt and threaten to strike the Christians. Thus I found a link and a close relationship between the fatwa and the terrorist operation in Egypt. Then I found the text of the fatwa in which al-Barrak made it permissible to rescue her from what he called the "infidel Coptic Church in Egypt." As this was considered by any interpretation to be an "Islamic" duty, the picture before us became clear, that the cause of this bombing was the deviant Wahhabi ideology, ... the same which permitted the bombing of churches and the killing of our Christian brothers and friends in Iraq.