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The most complete list of websites related to Islam
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Featured Site
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"

This is only a sample of available sites. More websites arranged according to category can be found in the menu above

Logo-of-1000 Mistakes.JPG
1000 Mistakes
1000+ Mistakes (errors, contradictions etc.) in the Qur'an and facts about Muhammad. Also 1000+ comments on Jihad in Islam. Currently about 70-80% complete
Logo-of-4 Freedoms Community.JPG
4 Freedoms Community
A social networking site powered by Ning. "This website is used as a library and a discussion area, so please come here to look things up, store new information, discuss ideas and organise activities. (You can also do this out of public view, in a private room)"
The newest site by former Muslim Dr. Ali Sina, the founder of Faith Freedom International and the author of "Understanding Muhammad". It features brand new content and a selection of his debates and articles from FFI
Logo-of-Andrew Bostom.JPG
Andrew Bostom
The official site of Dr. Andrew G. Bostom, the author of The Legacy of Jihad (Prometheus, 2005) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism ” (Prometheus, November, 2008). Includes his blog, interviews, articles and more
Logo-of-Answering Islam.gif
Answering Islam
A site that analyzes and refutes Islamic claims, doctrines, history, and the Qur'an. It is one of the most accurate, thoroughly referenced, and comprehensive sites on the net
Logo-of-Answering Muslims.JPG
Answering Muslims
"The Islamoblog of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries... we engage Muslims and the foundations of Islam without trying to be "PC". We feel honesty is better than disguised language. As you can read on our FAQ, this is out of love, not out of hatred"
Logo-of-Answers to Islam.JPG
Answers to Islam
"The purpose of "Answers to Islam" is to respond to some of the worst Muslim polemics found on the Internet... The development of this site was inspired by Answering-Islam, and it is done to support and supplement their work, but it is independent from Answering Islam"
The site which CAIR attempted, but failed, to silence. "Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia Law in America"
Logo-of-Atlas Shrugs.JPG
Atlas Shrugs
"Pamela Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)... She has led awareness campaigns in U.S., Europe, and Israel on behalf of the victims and potential victims of honor killing"
Logo-of-Bare Naked Islam.JPG
Bare Naked Islam
"This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam, the real Islam that the West does not want you to see. The Islam that Western media refuse to show you. The Islam that is slowly but surely changing the West... Look at the photos, watch the videos, most of which come right out of the Muslim world"
Logo-of-Campus Watch.gif
Campus Watch
This website reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America. The project mainly addresses five problems: analytical failures, the mixing of politics with scholarship, intolerance of alternative views, apologetics, and the abuse of power over students
Logo-of-Citizen Warrior.JPG
Citizen Warrior
A site which focuses on motivating the public and educating them about why Islam poses a unique threat to free society. Detailed site which is also good for those who are new to Islam and want to start from the very basics. Articles have been featured on sites such as
Logo-of-Comparative Digests Racism Arab and European Compared.JPG
Comparative Digests: Arab and European Racism Compared
"Almost every key aspect of European racism has its Arab/Islamic counterpart—or worse! Unfortunately, Edward Blyden and Malcolm X endorsed the conventional but false picture that Islamic society was without racism... In the light of the evidence, Black Africans cannot use their authority to cling to the false picture"
Logo-of-Creeping Sharia.JPG
Creeping Sharia
"“Creeping Sharia” is a phenomenon scourge occurring across the free world. We’ll define it as “the slow, deliberate, and methodical advance of Islamic law (sharia) in non-Muslim countries”... The blog will focus on “creeping sharia” in the United States however major events in other nations will also be highlighted"
Logo-of-Daniel Pipes.gif
Daniel Pipes
Commentary and Analysis on Radical Islam and the Middle East, by Daniel Pipes, the founder of the Middle East Forum, an independent 501(c)3 organization, and a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.
Logo-of-Debbie Schlussel.JPG
Debbie Schlussel
Blog by Debbie Schlussel, who "works closely with several Federal law enforcement agencies, consulting on fighting the domestic War on Terrorism, and has provided them with much useful information. She has gone undercover, infiltrating many Muslim organizations"
Logo-of-Embryology in the Quran.jpg
Much Ado about Nothing
"Embryology in the Quran: Much Ado about Nothing" is an indepth refutation of Hamza Tzortzis' Embryology in the Qur'an: A Scientific-Linguistic Analysis of Chapter 23, "Many other Muslim apologists and websites make similar claims and arguments and thus most of this analysis will have a wider applicability"
"Monday-Friday the latest news on world affairs: Articles, Topics & Facts. Compact, objective & international: EuropeNews represents the principles of freedom of the press, clarification & human rights against canons of religious intolerance and terrorism"
Logo-of-Everything you need to know about Islam.JPG
Everything you need to know about Islam
"Everything you ever wanted to know about Islam but were too politically correct to ask." A massive collection of links organised alphabetically in categories. Covers a wide range of Islam-related topics
Logo-of-Faith Freedom Foundation.gif
Faith Freedom International
The site by former Muslim and author of "Understanding Muhammad", Ali Sina, with articles, debates, news updates, and an active Forum
Logo-of-Father Zakaria.JPG
Father Zakaria
Website of Coptic priest, Zakaria Botros, often referred to as "Islam's Public enemy No. 1". In August 2010, a fatwa was issued against him, and Al Qaeda has put a bounty of 60 million dollars on his head. In comparison, the reward placed on Osama bin Laden's head by the U.S. government was 25 million dollars
Logo-of-Former Muslims United.JPG
Former Muslims United
Organisation founded by Nonie Darwish, Mohammed Asghar, Amil Imani, Wafa Sultan and Ibn Warraq "to educate the American public and policymakers about the need for Muslims to repudiate the threat from authoritative Shariah to the religious freedom and safety of former Muslims"
Logo-of-Freedom Bulwark 2013.jpg
Freedom Bulwark
"The Internet provides the illusion of safety. Many people have lost their freedom and their lives when they spoke their minds on Facebook or Twitter. We created FreedomBulwark so you can speak freely and anonymously. We will also promote your blog and help you have an audience"
Logo-of-Fun with Muhammad.jpg
Fun with Muhammad
Fun with Muhammad is a unique collection of satirical sketches all based on authentic Islamic sources
Logo-of-Jayna Davis.JPG
From Middle America To The Middle East
Website by the award-winning investigative journalist Jayna Davis, about her New York Times best-seller, The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Jayna's book "convincingly links the Oklahoma City bombers to an Iraqi/Al-Qaeda hit squad, operating under Iranian state sponsorship"
Logo-of-Gates of Vienna.gif
Gates of Vienna
"At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war." Active blog with daily articles about the Islamic threat for Christian Europe
Logo-of-Unchanging Word.jpg
God's Unchanging Word
Christian site dealing with Christian/Muslim issues. "Evidence for God's Unchanging Word is a network of Jesus' followers from across South Asia. We are committed to promoting the seldom-heard evidence for the reliability of God's Word"
Logo-of-iAbolish American Anti-Slavery Group.JPG
iAbolish - The American Anti-Slavery Group
A successful anti-slavery organization whose work highlight the existence of modern-day Islamic slavery. In collaboration with Christian Solidarity International (CSI) they have freed many slaves. The Arab League and the Islamic Conference Organization block and boycott their work
Logo-of-Infidels Are Cool.JPG
Infidels Are Cool
Popular pro-American and anti-Jihad blog. It was created in mid 2006 and now has over 5000 posts, over 50,000 comments, the Facebook page has over 5000 fans, and over 35,000 Twitter Followers
Logo-of-Internet Haganah.gif
Internet Haganah
"A global open-source intelligence network dedicated to confronting internet use by Islamist terrorist organizations, their supporters, enablers and apologists Internet Haganah is also a grass-roots activist organization which encourages businesses to not provide services to Islamic extremists."
Logo-of-Investigate Islam.JPG
Investigate Islam
Site by Christian Prince in English and Arabic. "While your browsing around the site, don't forget to check out our videos. We have Hundreds of our video's posted for free to teach you about Islam"
Logo-of-The Investigative Project on Terrorism.JPG
Investigative Project on Terrorism
The IPT is "recognized as the world's most comprehensive data center on radical Islamic terrorist groups... It has become a principal source of critical evidence to a wide variety of government offices and law enforcement agencies, as well as the U.S. Congress and numerous public policy forums"
"The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS) has been formed to promote the ideas of rationalism, secularism, democracy and human rights within Islamic society"
Logo-of-Islam Exposed.JPG
Islam Exposed
"Online Petition for Documentary Exposure of Islam". A blog created in 2005 by Ben C. Powell. "Islam is a fabricated faith, propagated militarily. The Ummah is enslaved, and its kleptocrats know that their wealth and power depend on keeping the Ummah ignorant of the truth"
Logo-of-Islam versus Europe.jpg
Islam versus Europe
From Cheradenine Zakalwe, the author behind the Stop Turkey blog. Covers news of Islam and Muslims in Europe, translated into English. "Where Islam spreads, freedom dies"
Logo-of-Islam Watch.gif
Islam Watch
Founded by former Muslims hailing mainly from South Asia. A website about the questionable teachings of Islam that made them abandon their religion.
Logo-of-Islamist Watch.JPG
Islamist Watch
Project of the Middle East Forum. "Launched in April 2006, Islamist Watch combats the ideas and institutions of nonviolent, radical Islam in the United States and other Western countries. It exposes the far-reaching goals of Islamists, works to reduce their power, and seeks to strengthen moderate Muslims"
Logo-of-Jawa Report.JPG
Jawa Report
Popular website that monitors terrorism investigations. Its volunteers research websites they believe are tied to Al-Qaeda or other militant groups, and pressure Internet service providers to stop hosting the sites
Logo-of-Jihad Watch.gif
Jihad Watch
Founded by Robert Spencer, the author of ten books including two New York Times bestsellers, "Jihad Watch is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology plays in the modern world, and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts"
Kafir Girl
Blogging the Qur'an with wit. From a Pakistan-born ex-Muslim. "I’m Kafir Girl, your everyday Pakistani American ex-Muslim twenty-something atheist. How’s that for a mouthful?"
Logo-of-Kashmir Information Network.gif
Kashmir Information Network
Website that tells us about the history of Kashmir and the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by Muslims. Also a gateway to a lot of other sites about Kashmir
Logo-of-Logan's Warning.JPG
Logan's Warning
"The primary mission of this website is to educate non-Muslims on the ideology & practice of Islam and to Islam's threats to our free and open society. The goal is to assist in developing legislation to defeat the dangerous Sharia movement underway here in America"
Logo-of-Mark Durie Blog.JPG
Mark Durie Blog
"Dr. Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist and pastor of an Anglican church. He has published many articles and books on the language and culture of the Acehnese, Christian-Muslim relations and religious freedom"
Logo-of-MEMRI TV.gif
MEMRI's TV monitoring center focuses on political, cultural, religious, and other developments and debates in the Arab and Muslim world and in Iran. Website of the TV channel of the Middle East Media Research Institute with original video clips translated into English
Logo-of-Mohammed Image Archive.jpg
Mohammed Image Archive
Website containing many images of Muhammad. "The Mohammed Image Archive is a compendium of images that depict Mohammed (the 7th-century founder of Islam), spanning all historical periods, cultures and genres." (Other mirror sites: [1])
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"
Like YouTube, MuhammadTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos. In addition, members can upload audio files, create photo galleries, make blog posts, and form and join groups, making it function as a social networking site
A comprehensive site with information on issues pertaining to Islam and Christianity. "We have the responsibility to ask ourselves, "Do we respect Allah enough to question the religious claims of someone who claims to be a prophet of Allah?" Or, must we blindly accept someone's claims to be a prophet"
Logo-of-Muslim Hope.JPG
Muslim Hope
"The varied Muslim reactions to this [9/11] attack... have shown how fractured the Muslim world today is. A common question is: "Is Islam really a religion of peace?" and Muslim answers, in word and deed, seem very contradictory. Perhaps this web site will show about the original that Mohammed taught and practiced"
Logo-of-Muslim Statistics.jpg
Muslim Statistics
"This site intends to keep updated on international government statistics from media, reports or reviews related to Muslim immigration and Muslim issues in Western society"
Logo-of-MySlave TV.JPG
MySlave TV
My Slave, My Infidel is a 1-hr documentary film by film producer Cindy Castano that exposes slavery in Sudan under the cloud of Islamic Jihad. Her investigative report on slavery in Sudan has been removed from Youtube but can be viewed here
Logo-of-Palestinian Media Watch.JPG
Palestinian Media Watch
An Israeli research institute that studies Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks. Also reports regularly on how foreign aid is misused by the PA for terror promotion
Logo-of-Panun Kashmir.gif
Panun Kashmir
Essays and links related to Islamic atrocities in Kashmir. Includes video clips from Kashmir about terrorists who confess on TV regarding their Jihad in Kashmir
Logo-of-PipeLineNews org LLC.JPG
PipeLineNews org LLC
" LLC was founded in 1999 and functions as a boutique news service, providing vital information regarding national security matters, including the culture war, the rise of radical Islam and the "stealth jihad." ... PLN has a large and influential readership and has been featured in national and local media"
Logo-of-Planet War.jpg
Planet War
Taken from a Feb. 22, 2010 piece by K. Farzaneh, A. Swift and P. Williams for Foreign Policy. "From the bloody civil wars in Africa to the rag-tag insurgiences in Southeast Asia, 33 conflicts are raging around the world today, and it’s often innocent civilians who suffer the most." 31 of these conflicts involve Islam
Logo-of-Political Islam.JPG
Political Islam
Site by Bill Warner. "Political Islam is Islam's ideology about unbelievers, kafirs... The Islamic political system is contained in the Koran, the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed) and his biography, the Sira... Our mission is to educate the world about political Islam, its founder Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah"
Logo-of-Prophet of Doom.gif
Prophet of Doom
Online book by Craig Winn about Muhammad, printed version also available. "Islam's Terrorist Dogma In Muhammad's Own Words"
Logo-of-Radical Islam.jpg
Radical Islam
"Clarion Fund's flagship education tool spreads awareness about the threat of Radical Islam in the United States and provides practical response tools. The user-friendly website features news updates and first-rate analysis, including articles and webinars by industry experts"
Logo-of-Raymond Ibrahim.JPG
Raymond Ibrahim
Mr. Ibrahim has appeared on "Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, CBN, NPR, and various radio talk-shows. He guest lectures at the National Defense Intelligence College and other universities, briefs governmental agencies..., provides expert testimony for Islam related lawsuits, and has testified before Congress"
Logo-of-4 ScepticsQuran.jpg
This site provides an "overview of what the Quran says about different topics... you can share a verse to twitter or Facebook or simply copy the link to a verse and paste it into a discussion on Facebook and it will show up in the discussion, with the verse text and an image related to the verse"
Logo-of-Skeptics Annotated Quran.JPG
Skeptics Annotated Quran
Categorizes the whole Qur'an in a very easy to read format with helpful visual tools to aid you in your studies
Logo-of-Statistical Islam.JPG
Statistical Islam
From the Center For The Study Of Political Islam. "Islam has three sacred texts: Koran, Sira and Hadith. These texts have been analyzed using simple statistics." Includes; anti-Jew text in trilogy, percentage of trilogy text devoted to jihad, amount of text devoted to the kafir, etc.
Logo-of-Sultan Knish.JPG
Sultan Knish
By the award-winning blogger and columnist, Daniel Greenfield. His investigative pieces include; exposing Rabbis for Obama as being a front group for Pro-Hamas appeasement supporters, exposing the involvement of a CAIR official in the Muslims for Ron Paul group, and more
The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report
The GMBDR was "created to fill a significant gap in the understanding of Islamic extremism... Each day, a large variety of news and other sources are sifted in order to identify the most relevant developments of the day and presented in the form of postings that refer back to the original source material"
Logo-of-The Legal Project.JPG
The Legal Project
"The Middle East Forum has established the Legal Project to protect researchers and analysts who work on the topics of terrorism, terrorist funding, and radical Islam from lawsuits designed to silence their exercise of free speech"
Logo-of-The Muslim Issue.jpg
The Muslim Issue
"The Muslim Issue is focused on compiling news reports and government statistics demonstrating the effect of Muslim influence on Western society; particularly Europe, UK and the U.S. Many of the statistics demonstrate a growing concern for our future security and social safety"
The Opinionator
"Straight talk on USA, UK & European politics, news, national security and current events. Particular focus given to the the Islamic threat and immigration"
The Religion of Peace
Source of news links and statistics about Islamic terrorism. With deadly Islamic terror attacks averaging 2,000 each year, this site is a unique and important resource.
Logo-of-The Skeptic Mind.jpg
The Skeptic Mind
"This is a blog to reflect the Liberal, Free-thinking views, to express rational and skeptical opinions and to criticise religion, dogma, superstition, anything that could be perceived as irrational, illogical and against human rights"
Logo-of-The Scourge of Slavery.JPG
The Scourge of Slavery
The number of innocent Africans who were taken (or died in the process of being taken) as slaves over the last fourteen centuries of Islamic slavery is estimated to be higher than 140 million, dwarfing the 11 million Africans who were transported across the Atlantic by Westerners
Logo-of-Turan Dursun.JPG
Turan Dursun
Turan Dursun was an Islamic scholar and mufti of Sivas, in Turkey, before becoming an atheist and his subsequent assasination. "In this site you will find the views as presented by Turkish atheists, agnostics and pantheists, about the religion in general, but especially the effects of Islam to our society"
Logo-of-Unofficial Ibn Warraq Site.JPG
Unofficial Ibn Warraq Site
"Ibn Warraq has no website. That is why I decided to group everything that Ibn Warraq has ever written together... He is always extremely thorough on everything. I do not want his works to be ignored, so I collated all his online works here"
Winds of Jihad - Sheik Yer'mami
Shining a light on the global Jihad and raising awareness of threats. The site also provides current Australian information.
Your Daily Muslim
"A semi-satirical blog chronicling the mischief of the religion of peace. I research individual Muslims who serve their religion in horrific ways and present their stories in a humorous manner"

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