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Shijra & Background Of Syeds

Syed, The word Syed means Leader/Sardar. Our Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is also known and called By Allah as SYED-UL-AMBIYA means Leader Of Prophets. Taking the whole background of Syeds, There were Two Sons of Muhammad al-Mustafa (pbuh) Ibrahim, Qasim. They both died and no one was left to take the family on wards. Quraish use to say that the family of Muhammad (pbuh) has come to end after death of Hazrat Qasim. Than Allah sent Abundance,

  • Al-Kauther
  • In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
  • Lo! We have given thee Abundance; (1)
  • So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice. (2)
  • Lo! it is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity. (3)

After this Holy Message Muhammad al-Mustafa (pbuh) said My family will be LEAD by Fatima (Leader of the Women of Paradise) Daughter of Muhammad-al-Mustafa (pbuh). This Family is called Syed Family. Because of Harzar Fatima Zehra (A.S) on the Day of Judgment Children will be called by their Mother's name .

  • Al-Anaam
  • In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
  • That is Our argument. We gave it unto Abraham against his folk. We raise unto degrees of wisdom whom We will. Lo! thy Lord is Wise, Aware. (83)
  • And We bestowed upon him Isaac and Jacob; each of them We guided; and Noah did We guide aforetime; and of his seed (We guided) David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron. Thus do We reward the good. (84)
  • And Zachariah and John and Jesus and Elias. Each one (of them) was of the righteous. (85)

Imam Fakhru'd-Din Razi, in his Tafsir-e-Kabir (Great Commentary), Bk IV, P. 124, Problem V, says regarding this verse that the verse proves that Hasan and Husain are the descendants of the Prophet of Islam. Since in this verse God has verified Jesus as a descendant of Abraham, and Jesus had no father, this relationship is from the side of the mother. In the same manner, Hasan and Husain are truly the descendants of the Prophet.

  • Al-E-Imran 3
  • In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
  • And whoso disputeth with thee concerning him, after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, say (unto him): Come! We will summon our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves, then we will pray humbly (to our Lord) and (solemnly) invoke the curse of Allah upon those who lie. (61)

2. on the occasion of the spiritual contest (Mubahala) against the Christians of Najran that the Prophet took with him anyone except Ali Bin Abu Talib, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain. It follows, therefore that "selves" (anfusana) means Ali Bin Abi Talib. "Women"(nisa'ana) means Fatima and "sons" (abna'ana) meansHasan and Husain whom Allah has identified as the Prophet's own sons.

3. Muhammad Bin Yusuf Ganji Shafi'i, in his book (Kifayatu't-Talib), and Ibn Hajar Makki on pages 74 and 93 of (Sawa'iq Muhariqa) from Tabrani and Jabir Bin Abdullah Ansari, and Khatib Khawarizmi in (Manaqib from Ibn Abbas) - all relate that the Prophet said:

"Allah created the progeny of every Prophet from his own generation, but my progeny was created in the generation of Ali."

Also (Khatib-e-Khawarizmi) in Manaqib, Mir Seyyed Ali Hamadani Shafi'iin Mawaddatu'l-Qurba, Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, in Musnad, and SulaymanHanafi Balkhi in Yanabiu'l-Mawadda relate, in more or less the same words, that the holy Prophet said:

"These, my two sons, are two flowers of this world, and both of them are Imams (leaders), whether they are Imams openly or silently sitting at home."

4. Towards the end of the same Chapter, Abu Salih writes : HafizAbdu'l-Aziz Bin Al-Akhzar, Abu Nu'aim, Tabari, Ibn Hajar Makkion page 112 of Sawa'iq Muhriqa, from Muhammad Bin Yusuf GanjiShafi'i at the end of Part I after 100 Chapters of Kifayatu't-Talib, and Tabari in the narration of the life of Imam Hasan relates that the second caliph, Umar Bin Khattab, said:

"I heard the Prophet say that on the Day of Judgement every ancestry will be disconnected except my generation. Every generation of a daughters from the father's side except the generation of Fatima, which is connected with me. I am their father and ancestor."

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Amir Shabrawi Shafi'i, in his book Kitabu'l-Ittihafbi Hubbi'l-Ashraf, quoted this hadith from Baihaqi and Darqutnifrom Abdullah Bin Umar, and he from his father, on the occasion of the wedding of Umme Kulthum. And Jalalu'd-din Suyuti quoting from Tabrani in his Ausat, has related from Caliph Umar and SeyyedAbu Bakr Bin Shahabu'd-din Alawi on pages 39-42 of Chapter IIIof Rishfatu's-sadi min Bahra Faza'il Bani Nabiu'l-Hadi (printedin Maktabi A'lamiyya, Egypt in the year 1303 A.H.), proving that the descendants of Fatima are of the progeny of the Prophet of Islam.