Islamic Forum Post: Saudi Arabia "Only Understands Jihad in the Path of America"

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Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

A member of the Islamic forum who calls himself Abu-Hafs al-Sunni al-Sunni posted the following essay, which he attributed to Shaykh Nasir bin Hamad al-Fahd. The essay argues that Saudi Arabia is hypocritical for supporting the former jihad in Afghanistan against the Russians, while prohibiting the current jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq against the Americans. The essay concludes that the Saudis only recognized jihad in the path of America, and not jihad in the path of Allah. This is representative of the ideological problem Saudi Arabia faces, when it espouses jihadist doctrine and exports it throughout the world, but then tries to ignore it or at least delay its enactment in certain areas in order to benefit from foreign wealth.

Praise be to God and peace and prayers unto the Prophet of God.

We have heard recently of the news of the jihad and the increase in the armed resistance to the Crusaders in Mesopotamia. On the other hand we have learned of so-called Saudi Arabia's position towards this resistance, namely to criminalize its support. In this essay I don't intend to argue the legitimacy of that jihad and support to it, for that is for another time. But I do want to argue the hypocrisy of [Saudi Arabia's] statement by making a simple comparison between its position on the former Afghan jihad against Russia, and the current Iraqi and Afghani jihad against the Americans:


Russia had swept through Afghanistan (only) with a comprehensive military campaign, and installed a puppet government. Meanwhile, the Americans swept through Afghanistan and Iraq with a comprehensive military campaign, and installed puppet governments therein. Saudi Arabia did not recognize the Russian-backed government in Afghanistan, but did recognized the American-backed governments in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Saudi Arabia encouraged the Afghan mujahideen and supported them financially and morally, while on the other hand it criminalized the mujahideen in Iraq and banned support for them, even making support to them a crime, even if you're only praying for them!


Saudi Arabia allowed the shaykhs and ulema to support the Afghan jihad and deliver fatwas in support of it. Meanwhile, it has now outlawed any fatwa in support of the jihad in Iraq, and has even forced the shaykhs to issue fatwas prohibiting (the jihad) and prohibiting anyone from participating in it.


Saudi Arabia supported the youth going to Afghanistan for jihad, and granted them price reductions up to 75%. On the other hand, it has criminalized the youth going to Iraq for jihad, and whosoever does this and is captured by them is cast into prison!


Saudi Arabia hosted the leaders of the jihad in Afghanistan and allowed them to deliver lectures in their country. Meanwhile, it has now joined with the Crusaders to pursue the leaders of the jihad in Iraq.

The result of this quick comparison: when the jihad in Afghanistan was against the enemies of America and worked toward American interests, then the Saudis considered it a jihad in the path of God, and permitted the shaykhs to issue fatwas in support of it, and themselves supported (the jihad) financially and morally, and whosoever among the youth participated in it, it provided them with what they needed and called them mujahideen.

However, since the current jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq is against America and her interests, it is terrorism and extremism. Saudi Arabia pursues and kills those who participate in it, and imprisons those who support it with fatwas or money, rather than supporting it with men. Nor does Saudi permit its shaykhs issue fatwas in support of it, but on the contrary issues fatwas to prohibit going to Iraq, and calls the actions going on there terrorism, and not jihad.

The issue is plainly evident, which is that this state [i.e. Saudi Arabia] does not understand jihad in the path of God, but only understands jihad in the path of America. Whatever the Crusaders permit, they permit and support, and whatever they don't, they don't. God has ordered, and even hates the unbelievers.

by Shaykh Nasir bin Hamad al-Fahd
When Jihad Is In the Path of America
Abu-Hafs al-Sunni al-Sunni,, December 5, 2010