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There are many websites and resources cropping up claiming that the Qur'an contains many prophecies that have been fulfilled due to the advancement of knowledge of our universe and advances in modern life. However all of the claims examined so far show that, using hindsight, some apologists are taking one verse, or a partial verse; or even a loose translation of the Qur'an out of context in order to twist the words to find prophetic statements within. This is to say that they may take some of our current knowledge, ie. airplane technology, and then search for a Qur'an verse or a partial verse, and twist it to make it 'fit'. Many of these claims of prophecy are incorrect; disproven in fact by their own experts on the Qur'an or the verses themselves, when read in context.

Some apologists will even go so far as to say that all tafsir are 'out of date' and their explanations of the Qur'an are no longer valid. This would then give them license to interpret the Qur'an in any way they see fit; including presenting evidence of "fulfilled prophecy". The fact is that the apologists who make these types of claims do not understand what a prophecy actually is.

Claims of Fulfilled Qur'anic Prophecy


All Qur'anic passages in the rebuttal sections (unless otherwise specified) are from Shakir's translation.

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