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Islamofascism refers to a government by Islamic Reconstructionists.

Entities which have been labeled Islamofascist include the Islamic students (Taliban), Al Qaeda (and its supporters such as the Salafi Group for Preaching and Combat, Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia, the Conquest of Islam, etc.), the Islamic Republic of Iran[1], Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, and other Islamic states and groups.

There are also local rulers in northern Nigeria that aren't often mentioned in the mainstream media. Politically powerless Muslims who champion the disgusting aspects of Islam are scattered all over the Earth: From preachers in Togo that are opposed to sculpture to the advocates of the religious police in Malaysia.

Islamofascist heads of state currently include, among others, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Omar Bashir and Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz. All have been ranked as the world' worst dictators in 2006.[2]