Jordanian Newspaper: "The Holocaust is a Jewish Myth, Legend, and Lie"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Dr. Salah al-Khalidi of Jordanian online newspaper as-Sabeel denies the Holocaust, and accuses the Jews and UNESCO of "brainwashing" everybody into believing it.

The Jews are experts at exercising power over others by invading their thought, culture, and education, and controlling their views and thoughts. Thus the Jews convert others into their supporters by subjecting them to their lies. They succeed greatly in this Satanic mission because of the ignorance of the Gentiles and the ability of the Jews to plant their agents of thought, culture, media, politics, government, finance, and art, and convert them into soldiers. These soldiers then undertake to "normalize" every Gentile and make them slaves, followers of the Jews. Everyone who takes an honest look at the conditions of the modern world and the Jews' dealings in it realizes this truth. Among the clearest examples of this is the Holocaust.

The Jews succeeded in converting the Holocaust, a malignant term, into dogma. Every man throughout all the world must have faith in and profess this creed, for woe unto he who denies or doubts it.

The meaning of this Jewish creed is thus: the Jews were slaughtered in Nazi prisons in the days of the second world war, in which they claimed that Hitler and his regime executed and burned more than 5 million Jews in gas ovens in Germany and elsewhere!! The Jews blackmailed Germany, calling for her to pay financially for the crimes of the Nazis and recompense the Jews for the sacrifices of the Holocaust. They took billions upon billions from Germany and the rest of Europe, and still continue to blackmail and milk the Europeans!!

If any Western thinkers attempt to doubt the numbers of Jews killed in the Holocaust, they are branded anti-semites who must be tried, convicted, and punished, as happened with Jarudi.

The Jewish devils direct UNESCO, the international cultural organization under the umbrella of the United Nations, exploiting the stupid Gentiles and using them to issue international resolutions which require every nation in the world, including those in our Arab and Islamic world, to consider the Holocaust a worldwide tragedy. UNESCO has obligated every nation in the world to teach its people "the history of the suffering of the Jews in the Nazi Holocaust"! Through different means they have defined, directed, and taught this doctrine in various educational programs, media foundations, and cultural organizations. Every center and foundation in every nation of the world is required to imprint this definition of the suffering of the Jews in the prefaces of their consitutions and convince their people to believe in the same.

* * *

The executive council relied on a number of world and Arab capitals, with our capital Amman at the forefront, to be a wide arena for executing the UNESCO resolution. Seminars, lectures, and cultural events will be held in the name of UNESCO in five languages, including Arabic, calling for our Jordanian people to believe in the Holocaust, and to brainwash the Arabs and lead them to believe in this Jewish creed!!

Even more remarkable is that the Jewish devils placed an Arabic name on this campaign of cultural normalization, naming it "the 'Ala'-al-Din (Aladdin) Project." They took this name from a popular myth in Arab folklore, which tells of a "magical lamp of Aladdin" which, when opened by a boy in a certain way, released a huge giant who said: "Your wish is my command; your servant is in your hands."

This Satanic Jewish plan is alarming, as it strives to exploit United Nations foundations, principally UNESCO, and employ them to subjugate Arabs and Muslims and force them into cultural and thought normalization. The authorities in Arab and Muslim countries don't possess any power except to execute the Aladdin Project on the pretext of executing the resolutions of the United Nations and its foundations, and transform the Jewish Holocaust into a vanguard for introducing Jewish concerns, actions, and plans.

The Holocaust will enter into the training and education curriculum in our schools, colleges, and universities; in our centers of guidance, thought, and planning; in our scientific, literary, and cultural activities; and in our seminars, lectures, newspapers, magazines, novels, films, and stories. Jewish cultural normalization will enter into every foundation, center, school and university, even into every house and home!! ... All of this and the Holocaust is a Jewish myth, legend, and lie. Even if it were true, it would not expunge the true crimes of the Jews and their slaughter of our people in Dayr Yasin in Palestine, in Bahr-al-Baqar in Egypt, in Sabra and Shatila (Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon), in Qana in Lebanon, and so on. But the Holocaust of the people of Gaza, the thousands of martyrs and wounded in the Jewish war on Gaza, and all the crimes of the Jews against our people in Gaza are remembered by no one! Then when the Jewish conscience was awakened by the Goldstein report, the Jews ordered Arab leaders to withdraw that report!!
The Holocaust in Our Curriculum
Dr. Salah al-Khalidi, as-Sabeel, February 26, 2010