Lebanese Political Party: "The Alexandria Bombing Was an American-Zionist Production"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

The Lebanese Popular Congress opined that "the wicked terrorist bombing which targeted Christian worshipers in the Churches of Saints George and Peter in Alexandria coincides with the suffering of Christians in Iraq and Palestine from crimes and displacement under the American and Zionist occupations, which share the same goal: to bring about Islamic-Christian and Islamic-Islamic sectarian fighting. This furthers a plot to divide the Arab world into rival sectarian and ethnic countries, to strike at Pan-Arab unity on one hand, and also to justify the Jewishness of the Zionist entity, and make it the only power in all the region."

According to a report issued by the Congress, it stated that "What happened in Egypt, and what is happening in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, and Lebanon, and what will happen in other Arab-Islamic countries, is all occurring within the framework of this hellish plot, whose components were carefully crafted in the Zionist-American Greater Middle East project. No one imagines that the success of the colonialists in stripping southern Sudan from the north, or in sowing Sunni-Shi'a fitna in Lebanon, or in dividing Iraq and Yemen, will result in (anything) good for the Arab inhabitants of the region, whether Muslim or Christian. Rather it will be a disaster for everyone without exception. Even the Western world itself will not survive the disastrous consequences." (The report further) stressed that "There is no way to escape from this heinous plot except by defeating the American-Zionist project against the Arab region, and to cling to the ties of Pan-Arabism alone and nothing else." [...]