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In this article various arguments are made to disprove the truthfulness and validity of certain aspects of Islam.


[edit] Is Allah All-knowing?

If you believe in a supernatural entity, you have to believe in one of the following:

A - It is all-knowing about the past, present and future or
B - It does not know what is going to happen next and adapts as things happen.

If the first is true (A), why did Allah introduce so many successive religions before Islam and ‘fail'? Because of these failures, he had to introduce new religions to make up for his ineptitude. How can Allah, who is all-knowing, not have known that he would fail in his religions? If he intended to give humans a religion, then it follows that Allah is all-knowing and could not, and should not have failed before Islam.

If the second is true (B), then Allah is not all-knowing and he adapts with changes. In this case, he cannot declare a final religion and a final prophet because he does not know what will happen next. Allah wouldn’t know when his new religion would fail or get corrupted like the others so he could thus never declare the future and the last prophet.

What we arrive at here is a contradiction because on critical examination, for Islam to even make logical sense, conditions A and B have to simultaneously be true. However, these two cases cannot both be true together.

The only explanation possible for this contradiction is that Muhammad abused the concept of prophethood and declared himself as the last prophet himself, so no one would supersede him by claiming prophethood after him. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, on the other hand, at least pass this test.

Therefore Islam is proven false. It cannot be divine and it is a lie.

[edit] Alcohol, Pigs and Meat

On several (but not all, to be fair) Islamic websites, not only is vegetarianism discouraged, but it is considered un-Islamic as well. The Islamic scholar Mawil Izzi Dien, in his recent book The Environmental Dimensions of Islam writes[1]:

According to Islamic Law there are no grounds upon which one can argue that animals should not be killed for food. The Islamic legal opinion on this issue is based on clear Qur’anic verses. Muslims are not only prohibited from eating certain food, but also may not choose to prohibit themselves food that is allowed by Islam. Accordingly vegetarianism is not permitted unless on grounds such as unavailability or medical necessity. Vegetarianism is not allowed under the pretext of giving priority to the interest of animals because such decisions are God’s prerogative.
Islamic scholar Mawil Izzi Dien in his book The Environmental Dimensions of Islam

The justification for this is that Allah made animals on earth for us so it is wrong not to eat them. What's more, he gave us the ability to dominate animals and hunt/slaughter them. Therefore vegetarianism is wrong, according to Islam.

If we apply this logic to alcohol as well then it follows that Allah gave us alcohol and the ability to drink it. So it should be wrong not to drink a beer. Allah also gave us pigs and along with them, the ability to kill and eat pigs. So what's wrong with eating pork? It should be wrong to refrain from ham or bacon strips.

This argument can be extended to guns, bombs, anything. At the end of the day, the argument is illogical.

If Allah does indeed exist, he gave (the majority of us) a highly logical and reasoning mind of our own, a truly innocent and compassionate heart of our own and a world full of wonderful cultures and people, flora and fauna, rivers and lakes and mountains and valleys. Not respecting any of these would be an insult to Allah.

[edit] Alcohol in Heaven?

It is easy to see that it is illogical for a work and symbol of the devil or satan to make its way into Allah's presence in Heaven. Of course, it is irrelevant whether or not alcohol will make one drunk in Heaven or whether drinking and driving is a problem or not in Heaven. It is illogical to on one hand believe that alcohol is a symbol of the devil and is forbidden in any quantity and then believe that Allah will tolerate this devil's symbol in his presence in the world hereafter.

[edit] Circumcision

Why did Allah create men the way he did if he thinks men should be circumcised? Did he make a mistake? If he did and wants every human male that way, then why does he want men to be uncircumcised back again when they meet him?

Circumcision has its pros and cons. More than religious in origin, it is probably cultural with some cultures actively practicing it and others not doing so. It should be a matter of personal choice, there is nothing religious or divine about it.

[edit] The Contradiction of Allah

Islam claims the following: God is Allah, i.e., there is no God but Allah.

Now, we also know that Muhammad's father's name was Abdullah or 'slave of Allah'. In addition, obviously at the time of his father, Islam had not been preached and the prophet's father was pagan. This raises the question: Was Allah one of the pagan gods in the Ka'aba? Many Muslims in defense to this possibility quickly say that the Arabic word Allah is the word for God and the word itself is inherently singular and refers to the God of Muhammad. If this is true, then we have a contradiction because this would mean that the pagans, who supposedly were polytheistic and idol worshipers had a word for God that was singular and monotheistic in meaning, which is why the name Abdullah. This contradicts what Islam claims about the pagans. Thus, it is not possible that they could not have believed in a supreme spiritual entity and yet have a word for the entity and name themselves accordingly.

The only explanation to resolve this contradiction is that Allah was the name for one of the deities or gods of the pagans (regardless of whether Allah was their highest deity or not). The black stone (which clearly existed before Muhammad) was Allah. That is why the Ka'aba still housed the idol, Muslims pray towards the idol and that stone - not even a symbol of it - but that very stone plays such an important role in Islam. Actions and reality speak louder than words against idol worship. For, this is the real idol worship.

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