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Numbers-half.png The worth of a woman as compared to a man with regards to witness and inheritance[1][2]

Numbers-2.png Handfuls of flour or dates as mahr a man must give to a female to make her private parts lawful for him[3]

Numbers-3.png Things that nullify prayer, including a Woman, Donkey and a Dog[4]

Numbers-4.png Wives a man can marry[5]

Numbers-6.png Age of Aisha in years when 51 year old Muhammad married and thighed her[6]

Numbers-8.png The number of men from 'Ukil that Muhammad had tortured and killed[7]

Number-9.png Age of Aisha in years when 54 year old Muhammad had sex with her[8]

Numbers-10.png The number of people that Muhammad had murdered when he conquered Mecca[9]

Numbers-11.png Women Muhammad used to have sex with in a single night[10]

Numbers-30.png The sexual strength given by Allah to Muhammad as compared to a normal man[11]

Numbers-72.png Virgins a man will get in Heaven[12]

Numbers-99.png The percent of women who will go to Hell[13]

Numbers-100.png Lashes to be given to an adulterer for sex[14]

Numbers-100-2.png The sexual strength of a man in Heaven as compared to a man on Earth[15]

Numbers-100-3.png Women Prophet Sulaiman had sex with in a single night, according to Islamic traditions[16]

Numbers-113.JPG The number of peaceful verses which have been abrogated by the "Verse of the Sword"[17]

Numbers-900.png The number of Jewish males from the Banu Qurayza tribe that Muhammad ordered to be beheaded according to some sources, while their women and children who had not yet reached puberty were enslaved[18]

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