Persecution of Ex-Muslims (Netherlands)

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The heads of Dutch and German ex-Muslim organisations are both living under police protection following death threats

“Intimidation is very widespread and pretty effective,” says Maryam Namazie, a spokesperson for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. She believes that many of the deaths classified as “honour killings” are actually murders of people who have renounced Islam.

“I get threatened all the time: emails, letters, phone calls,” she says. “When I returned home this afternoon, for example, there was a death threat waiting for me on my answering machine…” She laughs nervously.

“A lot of them aren’t serious, but occasionally they are. I went to the police about one set of threats. They took a statement from me but that was it – they never contacted me again.”

That treatment is in sharp contrast to the seriousness with which the Dutch and German police responded when members of the Council of Ex-Muslims in those countries made complaints to the police about death threats.

“The heads of the Dutch and German organisations are today both living under police protection,” Ms Namazie explains.
Muslim apostates threatened over Christianity
The Telegraph, December 9, 2007

The chairman of the Committee for ex-Muslims, and his girlfriend, are attacked for the third time and beaten by Muslims. Now under permanent police protection and in hiding. He has received dozens of death threats

Ehsan Jami, chairman of the committee for ex-Muslims in the Netherlands has received dozens of death threats since he was beaten up last week by Islamic fanatics. His adviser, Afshin Ellian, said: “The telephone was ringing off the hook,” not only with death threats but also Arabic prayers were being shouted down the phone.

Ellian said that the police had asked for a full report so that they can begin an investigation into the threats. Jami was assaulted in Voorburg, where he lives, by three men of Muslim background. It was the third attack the 22-year-old Labour council member in Leidschendam-Voorburg has suffered in a matter of months.

Jami was in the news after he set up a committee for Muslims who have turned away from Islam. The young politician's address and telephone number were recently published on an Islamic website, which led to a flood of threats. Ehsan’s telephone number has now been changed.
. . .

However. As this article shows, political leaders are in turmoil about whether or not to support the ex-Muslims.
Dutch ex- Muslim leader in hiding after death threats
National Secular Society, August 17, 2007
They waited for him on a Saturday near a supermarket he was shopping in. Mr. Jami and his girlfriend were beaten, insulted and threatened. This is taken quite seriously by the Dutch authorities.

Mr. Jami is now under permanent police protection and in hiding. Such are the times today. Mr. Jami had to be treated in hospital for his injuries.
Ex-Muslims Against… Ex-Muslims!
H. Numan, Gates of Vienna, September 8, 2007

Reports of growing persecution of former Muslims in the Netherlands, with some being forced to move to different cities after death threats from Muslims

Open Doors wants to provide shelters where former Muslims can find safety and spiritual support, said the founder of the organization Anne van der Bijl, known internationally as 'Brother Andrew'. "These homes will also provide Bible studies and medical aid," he added.
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There have also been reports of growing persecution of former Muslims in the Netherlands, with some being forced to move to different cities after death threats from Muslims, Dutch television reported earlier this week. It was not yet clear when, and if, Open Doors would launch shelters in the Netherlands.

American Christian convert flees Netherlands amid death threats

Mark A. Gabriel left Monday, April 20, after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advised him to leave Europe, said Jewish-Christian pastor Ben Kok, who accompanied him to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The 51-year-old Islam critic was to have stayed till at least April 25, said Kok in a statement to BosNewsLife's Netherlands-based news partner It was not immediately which group or persons were responsible for the threats.

Gabriel, which is not his real name, grew up as a Muslim in Egypt. However he reportedly became dissapointed in Islam while working as a teacher and imam at Cairo's Al-Azhar University.

After he became a Christian, Gabriel fled to the United States where he received asylum. It comes amid mounting concerns about the growing influence of Muslim extremism in Europe.