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Note that the persecution of apostates and the persecution of homosexuals are covered in separate pages

Group of 60 Jewish teens attacked by 10 young Muslims in Northeast Belgium, throwing stones and shouting anti-Semitic epithets

A group of Chasidic teens from Antwerp were attacked by young Muslims in northeast Belgium.

The group of 60 13- to 15-year-olds arrived in Beringen. As they arrived at their hotel in a largely Muslim neighborhood, 10 local Muslims approached the building, throwing stones at it and shouting anti-Semitic epithets.

Leaders of the Jewish group called police, but undeterred by the police's arrival, the youths continued throwing stones at the building, the police had to give the group a police escort to the highway on there way back to Antwerp.

The attackers were brought to a district court and were sentenced to community service.

Claude Marinower, a Jewish member of the Belgian Federal Parliament, announced that he "will raise the issue with the ministers of justice and the interior."

Forum, an Antwerp-based Jewish-interest group, called for "drastic measures to guarantee the safety of all youth throughout Belgium. A failure to do so would endanger our democracy."

Violent Arab rioters enter Jewish quarter of Antwerp during anti-"Israel" demonstration, destroy car windows, trams, buses, and fight with police

A protest of the Arab European League (AEL) against the Israeli air strikes in Gaza in Antwerp is completely out of hand.

Two hundred rioters went around 15:30 pm already rellend and destroying the Jewish quarter in Antwerp.


The rogue protesters smashed car windows, trams and buses. Also came to battles with the police, the district had closed.

Both in Antwerp and Brussels Wednesday by the AEL argued against the actions of Israel in the Gaza Strip, against the radical Islamic Hamas.

The demonstration in Antwerp began around 14:00 pm. When the police demonstration over an hour later disbanded, the atmosphere is grim and the rioters proceeded towards the Jewish quarter.
AEL-protest loopt uit op rellen in joodse wijk Antwerpen
Elsevier, December 31, 2008 (machine translated)

Belgian Islamic terror group target six Jews for assassination, scheduled for trial over charges of assassinating and orchestrating the murders of six people in Belgium during 1980s

Jewish-French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy was listed by a Belgium-based Islamist group as a target for assassination alongside other leading Jewish personalities in Europe, the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure reported earlier this week.

The planned assassination was apparently thwarted after group leader Abdelkader Belliraj, a Belgian of Moroccan ascent, was arrested last February in Morocco, the newspaper reported.

Belgian authorities found the list during a raid on homes of local Muslim community members last November, according to the report.

The hit list mentioned the names of five other well-know Jewish figures in Belgium and France: Josy Eisenberg, producer of the A Bible ouverte (Open Bible) television program on FR2; Simone Susskind, a leader of Belgium's secular Jewish community; attorney Markus Pardes, president of the International Association of Jewish lawyers and jurists; Belgian writer Jean-Claude Bologne and La Derniere Heure reporter Edmond Blattche.

Belliraj is scheduled for trial next week over charges of assassinating and orchestrating the murders of six people in Belgium during 1980s, as well as for charges of arms trafficking.

Jews attacked by steel bar-wielding Muslim screaming "Allahu Akbar" in three separate incidents

On Tuesday March 3 took place in Antwerp three distinct aggressions which they demonstrate by the same offender were committed.

Near the street between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Somer three pious Jews were attacked unprovoked by a man of Arab descent.

The man of + -1.70 m long worked his victims with an iron bar while "Allah Ahbar" and "Jahud, Jahud" shouted.

One of the victims suffered multiple fractures in his hand and was brought for treatment to St.Vincentiusziekenhuis.

The latest victim in his defense that the iron bar secured to the flight of the offender did.

The police were informed and a PV was made. They lift very heavy on these incidents.

Attorney was notified and the images retrieved from the security camera hanging around where the incidents occurred.

It is not the first time in this neighborhood aggressions committed against Orthodox Jews by Muslims.
Antisemitisch incident
FORUM Der Joodse Organisaties, March 4, 2009 (machine translated)

Manageress of a beauty salon attacked by Qur'an-quoting Muslim, who says he was sent by Allah to punish women who wear makeup

The police Jette has a mentally disturbed 30-year-old man arrested who had attacked some beauty salons on the Charles Woeste. The man was different salons in and went as he recited verses from the Koran. In the last room, he suddenly grabbed a table and chair and hurled it to the manageress.

The police could pick him a little further. He appeared very confused and in his interrogation the man said he was sent by Allah to women who wear makeup and the Quran do not respect them or punish. After consultation with the Brussels public prosecutor, the man was transferred to the psychiatric ward of a nearby hospital.
Gestoorde man heeft het gemunt op schoonheidssalons in Jette
HLN Belgium, August 20, 2009 (machine translated)

40 members of Sharia4Belgium (the same group whose member would be caught carrying a kalashnikov) screaming "Allahu Akbar" storm the stage and disrupt a speech about Islam by the Dutch author Benno Barnard

A lecture by the Dutch writer Benno Barnard has been disrupted by radical Muslims. Several dozen young Muslims were at the beginning of the nomination right slogans and began to cry.

The Dutch Islam critic, writer and notoriously Benno Barnard last night gave a lecture titled The Islam debate: long live God, away with Allah. That was part of a series of lectures on the Enlightenment, organized by the Lay Department of the University of Antwerp. Some radical Muslim organizations had to advance through websites summoned to the auditorium at the Rodestraat to drop and disrupt the lecture.

When the presentation began at 20 hours, had a forty Muslims among the audience mixed. The organizer of the lecture they are trying to change its mind, but once Barnard began his speech, were the right people and started to cry. "I had just a few words, or the leader stood up and shouted with God is not mocked," says Barnard. "After that, he and his followers" Allah akbar "to call them and stormed the stage. If I had no bodyguards, then I can not now be able to assist. "

Some policemen were in civilian presence in the room and performed quickly. Some twenty troublemakers were escorted out but no one was arrested.

Alain Verschoren rector of the University of Antwerp regrets the incident. "It bothers me greatly that the reading they have broken off after two minutes. These young people have not even heard what the argument was about. That can only mean that either they were afraid of the content, or content that they did not want to hear. "

The website of the radical organization Sharia4Belgium was mainly the title of the lecture on the grain taken: "The title is yet another slap in the face of the Muslim community," it states. Rector Verschoren perspective: "The lecture was indeed a provocative title, but I think that extreme opinions should be. As long as there is possibility to respond to one thing and discussion may pluralistic institution like the UA. "

Barnard himself was unhappy about the incident: "Is not it disturbing that in 2010 an intellectual who wants to give a lecture, police protection needs? Actually, this is my best lecture ever. This incident proves what I've been trying to say: that Islam is a completely intolerant system. "
DEURNE – Belgian police have searched a member of the extremist movement Sharia4Belgium and found a Kalashnikov some Belgian newspapers on Monday reported. According to the report police say it is a "very serious offense.” The courts and the police want to move now to keep a closer eye.

Jews deserting Antwerp due to increased antisemitism, Newspaper predicts in 50 years there will be no more Jews living in the city

‘Jews are deserting Antwerp’, headlines De Standaard. The Belgian newspaper predicts that in fifty years there will be no more Jews living in the city. Due to an increase of Anti-Semitism, many young Jews are leaving the city to study in London, New York or Israel, where "working with a skullcap (kippah) isn’t a problem", and they never return. Furthermore, it has become more difficult for them to start a career in Antwerp since the Jewish community has lost its dominant position in the diamond trade and hasn’t found a new economic alternative yet. De Standaard comments: ‘Only the poor Hasidic Jews stay and they refuse to adapt.’
Jews deserting Antwerp
PressEurop, June 21, 2010

Police officer threatened with death and injured after being attacked by Muslim man for attempting to enforce veil law

A police officer has been attacked by a Muslim man in Brussels after he demanded that the man’s wife remove her veil. Belgium outlawed the wearing of Islamic garments which cover the face.

The incident occurred after the couple was spotted by a police squad patrolling the Saint-Josse community – a neighborhood where many immigrants live, reports Belga news agency.

One of the officers demanded the woman’s ID and wanted to see her face for proper identification. The husband became angry and threatened the officers with death should they ever come close to his wife again.

The ensuing quarrel quickly became a fistfight, which ended with one of the policemen receiving mild injuries.

The 37-year-old assailant was detained and charged with attacking an officer of the law. His wife will be issued a fine for wearing the forbidden garment.

Belgium banned wearing of clothes that hide face, such as the burqa or the niqab, in June. Violations carry a 137.5 euro fine and up to seven days in jail.

France was the first European country to ban the face-concealing Muslim garments in April.

Five Muslim Moroccan girls beat a 13-year-old Jewish classmate, calling her a "dirty Jew” and ironically telling her to "return to your country”

Five Muslim Moroccan girls in Belgium beat a 13-year-old classmate, called her a "dirty Jew” and told her to "return to your country.”

The girl, Oceane Sluijzer, has filed a complaint with police after the anti-Semitic attack at a sports training center. The attackers were identified and questioned by police.

Jewish legislator Viviane Teitelbaum of Brussels denounced the "silence" of political leaders and most of media after this attack.

Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations of Belgium (CCOJB), the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in Belgium, expressed "shock" at the attack and asked that the investigation be conducted without delay. The Jewish group added it is considering filing a civil suit and said the Jewish community is “exasperated” by repeated attacks on Jews, which has a Jewish population of 40,000.

It also told the Belgian French community's Education Minister he should "introduce appropriate educational programs in schools to prevent unjustified tensions between communities,” the European Jewish Press reported.

The Jewish Consistory, the representative body of Jewish religious congregations in the country, also appealed to authorities to take action.
Belgian Jews in Shock over Beating of 13-Year-old Girl
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Arutz Sheva, November 23, 2011

Politician's daughter receives death threats after posing in a bikini and burqa combo that proclaimed "Freedom or Islam - you choose". Shariah4Belgium calls for father to be killed for expressing his pro-Belgian views

20-year-old An-Sofie Dewinter doesn't seem all that concerned about threats to kill her.

After posing in a combination bikini/burqa combination that proclaimed "Freedom or Islam - you choose" the model has reportedly received death threats.

In regards to threats to her life, Fox News is reporting that the model and daughter of Belgian nationalist politician Filip Dewinter as stating:

“I don’t think they’re serious. I hope not.”

The Belgian media giant Het Laatste Nieuws (English - The Latest News) has also quoted the younger Dewinter:

"Death threats and criticism no longer scare me off."

The Daily Mail of London is reporting that Mr. Dewinter claims the Muslim organization Shariah4Belgium has called for him to be killed for expressing his pro-Belgian views.

Recently, Shariah4Belguim was fined 550 Euros ($730) for "inciting hatred towards non-Muslims".

“He confessed to wanting to attack the police because of Belgium's attitude towards Muslims,” Muslim found carrying documents connected to Shariah4Belgium stabs male and female officers during a routine check

A suspected Islamist stabbed two policemen Friday at an underground station in a Brussels neighborhood where scuffles broke out a week earlier, local media reported.

The two victims, a man and a woman who were attacked during a routine check, did not sustain life-threatening wounds, the reports said.

The attacker was quickly subdued and was found to be carrying documents connected to Shariah4Belgium, an extremist Muslim group active in Belgium, public television said.

“He confessed to wanting to attack the police because of Belgium's attitude towards Muslims,” television said.

Clashes broke out last week in the same Molenbeek neighborhood between police and Muslim youth over the arrest of a young woman wearing a full veil.

The Shariah4Belgium group had then posted a video on the Internet defending the detained woman. The group’s leader was subsequently arrested.

Female convert, well-known for breaking the law by refusing to remove niqab, head-butts and breaks the nose of a female officer. Violent Muslim youths riot in support, clash with police, smash windows and damage bus-shelters

There was trouble in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek on Thursday after a woman wearing a niqab was detained by police. A niqab is a headscarf worn by some Muslim women. The niqab covers all of the face except the eyes and is part of the sartorial hijab. The wearing of the niqab (and the burqa) in public is forbidden in Belgium.

The niqab-wearer was asked to produce proof of identity by police in the neighbouring municipality of Jette on Thursday afternoon.

She refused to remove her niqab and was taken to a Molenbeek police station for questioning. At the police station the woman injured a female police officer by head-butting her.

The policewoman had been trying to frisk the woman. She sustained a broken nose and lost two-teeth in the attack. Another policewoman also sustained slight injuries in the attack.

The woman, a Belgian convert to Islam, is well-known to police. She has often been the subject of identity checks and always refuses to remove her niqab.

She was also injured in the fracas and was taken to hospital with slight concussion.

News of the incident spread quickly and soon the police station was surrounded by around 100 youths.

The Brussels West Police Services called in re-enforcements from the Federal Police and other Brussels police forces to contain the situation.

Nevertheless, several windows were smashed and bus-shelters damaged by the youths.

Six people were detained. The Mayor of Molenbeek Philippe Moureaux (Francophone socialist, photo) went to the scene to try and help diffuse the situation.

By 9:30 pm calm had returned to the vicinity of the police station.
Veiled woman breaks police officer's nose, June 1, 2012
Clashes broke out last week in the same Molenbeek neighborhood between police and Muslim youth over the arrest of a young woman wearing a full veil.