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Note that the persecution of apostates and the persecution of homosexuals are covered in separate pages

Muslim refugee from Somalia, praying in Arabic, jumps on the alter of the Florence Cathedral (the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence) and dances in front of the congregation

The police have not denied any offense, man, that was given to 118

In the barracks he never stopped reciting a prayer in Arabic

A man of Somali nationality, political refugee, this morning reached the altar of the Duomo in Florence and we rose above. Then he made a sort of dance. The stranger, who escaped the vigilance of the keepers of the cathedral, was blocked by the police station Uffizi.

The military have committed to the health of 118, then was taken to the barracks of the provincial command. The man does not speak Italian, but prayed all the time even in the Arabic of owner where the investigations were conducted. For the police would have said to live in a country in Scandinavia.

The military has not challenged any crime. The refugee, dressed in sneakers, jeans, shirt and jacket, is confused between the faithful and visitors who crowded the basilica, then escaping the supervision of the guards, reached the altar, and there rose above a sort of starting ritual dance.
Dancing on the altar of the Cathedral blocked a Somali refugee
La Repubblica, October 11, 2010 (machine translated)

Journalist and author of ‘Different and Divided – a Diary of Coexistence with Islam’ receives death threats from Muslims, including an envelope mailed to him with bullets inside. Gunman opens fire on his car

A director of Italian public broadcaster RAI has urged the government to protect to one of its journalists after a suspected radical Muslim opened fire on his car in southern Italy. Nello Rega was uninjured in the attack as he drove home late on Thursday. Rega wrote a book on Islam’s uneasy relationship Christianity and has received several threats from alleged Muslim extremists over the past two years. “Last night’s attack should leave people in no doubt. Rega could have been killed. Why is he not adequately protected?” said Antonio Bagnardi, director of RAI Televideo, where Bagnardi works.

“Isn’t it enough that he has beeen intimidated for months on end and now is a victim of attempted murder,” Bagnardi added, calling on Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni to intervene.

A single shot was fired at Rega’s car from a vehicle that drew up alongside as he drove along a state highway near the city of Potenza in Italy’s Basilicata region, damaging Rega’s rear window. He reported the attack to police, who were examining his car as part of their investigation.

Since his book ‘Different and Divided – a Diary of Coexistence with Islam’ Rega has received threats in the Italian capital, Rome, and in Potenza including an envelope mailed to him with bullets inside.

Bagnardi urged media not to under-report or ignore such incidents.

Armed with a knife, a Tunisian is shot and arrested after ramming a door at Milan's Malpensa airport with a stolen four-by-four and attacking a police officer

A foreign man was shot and arrested after ramming a door at Milan's Malpensa airport with a stolen four-by-four and attacking a police officer armed with a knife amid scenes of panic on Monday.

The man, apparently a Tunisian married to an Italian, was shot in the foot by a colleague of the officer who was attacked and then detained. Terminal One of the airport has been evacuated and outgoing flights delayed. The police have ruled out terrorism as the motive for the incident and said the man seems to have simply been overcome by a fit of rage.

Tunisian refugees set fire to a church at Lampedusa Island after the priest accommodates 36 teenage refugees in the parish

Tunisian refugees have set on fire a church at Lampedusa Island, Italy. No details of this incident have yet been revealed.

For some days, the situation on the island has been very tense. Local residents were unsatisfied by the torrent of Tunisian refugees, while the latter complained of poor accommodation conditions.

The church was set on fire after the priest had accommodated 36 teenage refugees in the parish.
Emigrants flow of the Gulf of Italy
BTV Bulgaria, April 4, 2011

Anti-terrorist police dismantle a vast network of drug trafficking, illegal immigrant Islamists who wanted to "drown the Christians in drugs"

Drug trafficking, illegal immigration and Islamism: these were the three pillars of the vast network that is being dismantled by the Italian anti-terrorist police, after a lengthy investigation that began in April 2008. "We drown Christians in drug," is what had been heard by investigators when wiretapping.

As part of Operation Scutum (shield), 40 search warrants were executed this morning against Pakistanis (mostly from the province of Peshawar) residing in Italy and accused of belonging to a organization for heroin trafficking, illegal immigration and forgery of documents. This, according to a note by the Prosecutor of Naples, who coordinated the operations of a "criminal organization based on ethnicity," which was dedicated to drug trafficking from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Italy. It also provided huge quantities of drugs to another criminal organization composed entirely from members of the ethnic group of the Ghanaian "Dagomba", which was based in the provinces of Naples and Caserta, with branches in Bologna and Varese, and which has also been dismantled by the police.

The wiretapping revealed a powerful Pakistani organization with branches throughout Italy, especially in the Naples area, Macerata, Bologna and Rome. Drugs, especially heroin originating from the Afghan province of Nangarhar ending up in Campania, and also in Bologna and Varese. The drug profits were used to support the Islamist movement "Tehreek e Nafaz e Shariat e Mohammadi" linked to the Taliban leader Maulana Fazlullah, whose armed wing is active in the Swat Valley, Pakistan.

Investigators also uncovered regular contacts between Pakistani communities established in Italy and those of Spain and Britain to promote the entry of illegals from Pakistan. Seized in the searches were forms of regularization of 300 Pakistani workers, photocopies of passports, receipts for payments of 90,000 euros.

A nice haul, then. Unfortunately, with tens of thousands of illegal and pseudo-refugees landing on Lampedusa in recent months, the networks of Muslim-ethnic criminals may be quickly replenished.
Italy: illegal immigrants wanted to "drown the Christians in drugs"
NovoPress, May 19, 2011 (machine translated and edited slightly for readability)

Tunisian refugees vandalize building, threaten and manhandle journalists, assault Italian Police, chant 'Allah Akbar'

VIDEO: Lampedusa Immigrants Express Gratitude to Italians for Refuge - Un:dhimmi, April 10, 2011

"Next time, we're going to burn everything down". Cemetery attacked and vandalized, chapel desecrated, cemetery keeper's home and offices destroyed

Rome - Unknown people caused considerable damage in the Italian cemetery in Tripoli, but didn't enter the ossuaries. It was denounced by the president of the Association of Italians Repatriated from Libya (AIRL), Giovanna Ortu, who said the attackers may be supporters of Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

Slogans against NATO and the allies' bombings in Libya were found on several walls as well as threatening messages, such as "Next time, we're going to burn everything down". The cemetery keeper's home was destroyed as were the offices, while the chapel located at the centre of the cemetery was desecrated. . .

Pro-Palestinian activists threatening to “ignite” Milan. Jewish Israeli students harassed and threatened with death by Arab Muslim students. “the Jews here are hiding their own identity because they risk becoming a target”

A murky wave of anti-Israel zeal is also growing at an alarming rate in Italy. “The old anti-Jewish libels are now aimed at the State of Israel”, says Stefano Gatti, one of the top researchers at the Center for Documentation in Milan.

Pro-Palestinian activists are threatening to “ignite” Milan, the financial capital of Italy where an Israeli exhibit is going displayed in a central square. Meanwhile, the city of Turin hosted a “cultural festival” where the image of Shimon Peres was used as a shoe-throwing target. For one euro, Italian students had the chance to hit the face of Israel’s president, who was fitted with a Nazi-style Jewish nose.

An Israeli student at the University of Genoa has been harassed and threatened with death by Arab students. Muslim students shouted at him “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and “Itbach el Yahud” (slaughter the Jews.) Another Israeli student at the University of Turin, Amit Peer, confessed that “the Jews here are hiding their own identity because they risk becoming a target.”
. . .
Ucoii, the largest Islamic organization in Italy, published an ad in many mainstream newspapers entitled “Nazi Bloodshed Yesterday, Israeli Bloodshed Today.” An Italian court ruled that the Nazification of Israel came under “freedom of expression” and was not a case of incitement to hatred.
. . .
The growing anti-Semitism is also evident by the security around the largest synagogue in Rome, one of the oldest in the world. The Jewish temple looks like a military outpost: Private guards everywhere, metal detectors and policemen at every corner. The Jewish school looks like a “sterilized area” protected by policemen, bodyguards and cameras. All school windows are plumbed with iron grates. I saw the same in the Jewish homes of Hebron and in the schools of Sderot.

Pro-Palestinian groups just recently marched into the ghetto, shouting “Fascist” and “Assassins” to the Jews, some of them Holocaust survivors. It was here, on 16 October 1943, that 1,200 Jews were deported to Auschwitz; none of the 200 Jewish children came back home. It was here, on 9 October 1982, that an Arab terrorist opened fire on Jews; a two-year old baby, Stefano Taché, became the first Italian victim of anti-Jewish violence since the war.
Italy against the Jews
Giulio Meotti, YNet News, June 13, 2011

Thirty-five people injured on the first day of Ramadan, as a protest turns into a riot when migrants pelt police with stones

Around 35 people were injured Monday in southern Italy when people held in a migrant detention camp near the city of Bar staged a protest that turned into a riot.

Some 100 migrants demonstrated to get their passports returned with visas to stay in Italy by blocking a rail line and state road. The protest turned violent when riot police were sent in to break up the demonstration and the migrants pelted them with stones.

Other detainees armed with iron rods set fire to furniture at the camp in the Puglia region.

Twenty police and 15 migrants were injured in the incident.

Separately, the bodies of 25 migrants were found Sunday in the hold of a vessel that set sail from Libya for the Italian island of Lampedusa.

More than 40,000 illegal immigrants have arrived on the island since popular uprisings broke out in North Africa early this year. Thousands of the arrivals have been transferred to detention camps in Sicily and on the Italian mainland.

Tension erupt on Lampedusa when migrants set fire to the migrant reception centre and wander the island, dozens injured in clashes

Dozens of people were injured in clashes between migrants and residents on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa on Wednesday.

Tension erupted on the island late Tuesday when migrants set fire to the migrant reception centre on the island to protest against plans for their forced repatriation.

More than 50,400 migrants have arrived from Tunisia and Libya and elsewhere in Africa since January, many of them in small, overcrowded boats.

Three police officers and more than a dozen migrants were being treated for cuts and abrasions.
. . .
"I am in the middle of a war. The country should immediately send helicopters and ships to transfer the Tunisians who are wandering the island after setting the centre alight".

Around 1,200 migrants were relocated to a sports field after the incident.

Muslim girl who is served a pasta dish containing bolognese sauce, starts screaming and accusing camp administrators of deliberately insulting Islam, causing Muslims to riot and civil protection forces to intervene

Recently, northern Italy has been rocked by earthquakes. Temporary camps have been set up to offer shelter to people in the affected area. Naturally, as happened in Spain last year, immigrants and wastrels, people who might have no fixed abode even in ordinary circumstances, descend on these camps to grab whatever they can get. There have been several complaints that the immigrants are receiving privileged admission to and treatment in the camps compared to native Italians. What's clear is that the Muslims, in particular, have an extraordinary sense of entitlement.

Last week Vodafone turned up to offer free phone cards. The Muslims started fighting over them. One pulled a knife and stabbed another Muslim. On Saturday, a riot broke out when a Muslim girl was served a pasta dish containing bolognese sauce. Apparently it was supposed to have been tuna but an innocent mistake had been made. She started screaming. Soon her family turned up and accused the camp administrators of deliberately insulting Islam! How they get to this conclusion from bolognese sauce I'm not sure about. I can only surmise that they were complaining about it because it is a meat sauce and the meat may not have been halal! A riot broke out and civil protection forces had to intervene to restore order.

According to a local newspaper, "the behaviour of the North Africans is getting on the nerves of many of the other disaster victims".

[Source 1: Terremoto e problemi di convivenza: piatto sbagliato al ragù, ed è il caos - Gazzetta di Modena, May 27, 2012]

[Source 2: Italie : émeute islamique contre un plat à la sauce bolognaise de l’aide aux sinistrés - NovoPress, May 28, 2012]
Italy: Muslims Riot Over Bowl of Pasta Bolognese
Cheradenine Zakalwe, Islam versus Europe, May 29, 2012

Two police officers are hospitalized after they are attacked by Tunisian migrants taking part in a violent riot, destroying their housing, video-surveillance system, flooding rooms, and destroying computers and other objects

Two police were hospitalised with minor injuries in southern Italy following a revolt by more than a dozen Tunisian migrants who feared they would be sent home.

The 14 migrants were arrested in the Italian southern region of Sicily after destroying the detention centre in the city of Ragusa where they were held.

The men, who had only arrived by boat to the Sicilian island of Lampedusa a couple of weeks before, were arrested by the police and accused of resistance and violence towards authorities in Ragusa, a city in southwestern Sicilian where the migrant centre was located.

In an attempt to escape the men "destroyed the housing where they were staying and the video-surveillance system, flooded some rooms with fire sprinklers, and destroyed computers and other objects belonging to the police and the civil protection agency ," according to the police.

The men used the glass from the broken windows as weapons and climbed on the roof to throw fire extinguishers, chairs, shoes, light bulbs and anything else they could find against police to stop them. Two policemen were taken to hospital, one was hit in the face by a sharp object and the other by a glass bottle that fractured his cheek bone.

The violence comes after their recent failed escape attempt prior, when they were immediately stopped and returned to the centre.

"If I did the same thing in a mosque, they would slit my throat", four Muslims rob then urinate and defecate on a provisional church's altar in Libiola while the priest and two nuns took children out on a day trip

It's another tough blow for the parish. The district of Libiola belongs to the city of Serravalle a Po. It was severely hit by the earthquake in May 2012 and the baroque church is still closed for repairs. You will recall that the quake that ravaged northeast Italy also led to an explosion of problems with the Muslim immigrants living close-by. A dish with bolognese sauce, served inadvertently to a young Muslim girl in a refugee camp, had set off a veritable riot.

In Libiola, life was getting back to normal. Last Thursday, the priest and the two nuns in charge of the youth club had taken the children for a day trip to the mountains. Four young Moroccans (one from the neighborhood, the others from near-by) took advantage and broke into the presbytery. They forced open the door of the sister superior's room and stole whatever money they could find, namely the children's dues and profits from a risotto dinner recently organized by the parents: 80 euros in all.

The Maghrebins then, in the words of the Gazetta di Mantova, "wanted to leave behind a sign". They cut through a panel of the plastic tent that has been serving as a provisional church since the earthquake. They urinated and defecated on the altar. A neighbor saw them flee and recognized the one who lives in the neighborhood. The carabinieri were able to identify the others.

The priest, Eugenio Ferrari, finally decided to lodge a complaint. "If they had come to steal money because they were hungry," he explained, "I never would have complained: I would have forgiven them. But what they did in the church is an act that cannot be ignored. It is unspeakable."

"I am sorry," added the priest, "because it appears that this was done by four young Moroccans. They showed their contempt for our religion. But if I did the same thing in a mosque, they would slit my throat, yes or no?"