"Qa'ida al-Jihad" Attacks Hamas for Sentencing to Death a Muslim Who Killed a Christian

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Qa'ida al-Jihad is taking issue with Hamas ordering the execution of a Muslim in retribution for killing a Christian, because this is against the saying of Prophet Muhammad that "A Muslim will not be killed by an infidel."

The so-called "Qa'ida al-Jihad in the Land of Rabat" launched an attack against the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, after a civil court belonging to the latter sentenced a Muslim to death by hanging for killing a Christian gold trader.

In a statement published on the "Palestine Press" site, the group alleged that this ruling is contrary to the Shari'a, as the prophet of God said, "A Muslim will not be killed by an infidel." The statement added that "The current ruling for the People of the Book [i.e. Jews and Christians] is death, or enter into Islam, or to remain in the dhimmi [or protected] covenenant, which allows them to reside in the house of Islam indefinitely, provided they keep and fulfill the covenant. If the dhimmi people break their covenant and leave the Islamic nation, whether alone or with the house of war to join themselves to a nation which makes war upon the Muslims, then they have broken the covenant, and the ruling upon them is the ruling of the people of treachery and discord--their blood and money become lawful [i.e. fair game for Muslims]."

The statement described Christians currently in Gaza as having left the dhimmi covenant with the Muslims, and also stressed that, "Any ruling to kill, whether issued in Gaza or in the [West] Bank, any Muslim brother as retribution for any infidel is legally invalid." [...]