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The Rajah Sulaiman Movement is a Philippines-based terrorist group comprising of Christian converts to Islam who now promote the use of violence against Philippine Christians and Westerners.[1]

It was founded by Ahmed Islam Santos (aka Hilarion del Rosario) in the late 1990s, after he converted to Islam and attended military training in a Muslim rebel camp in Mindanao,[2] with the aim of turning the Philippines into an Islamic state.[1]

Notably, the group were involved in the 2004 Manila ferry bombing which killed 116 people in the Philippines' worst terrorist attack,[3] and the 2005 Valentine's Day bombings.[4]

According to the Philippine government, the group's soldiers have been trained, financed and governed by two Al Qaeda-linked organisations - Philippine-based Abu Sayyaf and the regional militant group Jemaah Islamiah.[5]

Several key figures, including Santos himself,[2] Pio Abogne De Vera,[6] and Dinno-Amor Pareja[7] have been captured.

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