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Saeeda Vorajee (b. February 4, 1975), popularly known by her stage name, Sahara Knite, is a successful British Muslim pornographic actress of Indian origin.

She has starred in dozens of hardcore porn movies such as "Anal Annihilation 3" and "Legs Wide Open",[1] and has been the subject of numerous news articles,[2][3][4] interviews,[5] and a Channel 4 documentary titled, "Diary of a Porn Virgin".[6]

She has also worked as an escort through her website,, charging £350 an hour and £2000 for an overnight outcall,[7] and in 2011 she played the role of a prostitute in the US TV series, "Game of Thrones".[8]

Before entering the porn industry in 2004, she worked in the fashion industry as a clothing technologist for 8 years and as a textile manager for 3 years.[9]

Her religiously conservative parents are from Gujarat, India, and moved to London in the ‘60s.[5] Saeeda received a strict Muslim upbringing, wearing the hijab headscarf from the age of five and visiting the mosque daily.[4]

Initially, she kept her career change a secret from her family. However, her Muslim cousin saw her on television whilst watching the UK porn channel, "Babestation". His wife subsequently informed Saeeda's parents.[5]

Despite having been disowned by most of her family and regularly receiving death threats, she remains a religious Muslim[5] who does not smoke, eat (presumably haram) meat or drink alcohol, and she prays and reads the Qur'an.[4]

She has been billed as the UK's "first ever Muslim pornstar", but according to porn producer Joe A, who helped set up Saeeda's first site,, “The strangest thing is, most of my [South Asian] models have been Muslims, who are the strictest of all.”[10]

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