Saudi Arabia Warns of "Strict Punishments" for Protesters

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Riyadh: The Saudi News Agency (WAS) reported yesterday that the Kingdom is printing 1.5 million copies of a statement issued by the Council of Senior Scholars which prohibits protesting in the Kingdom. Informed sources also stressed that the new regulations on the publishing system in the Kingdom include strict punishments.

The WAS said that, "The Grand Mufti authorized a number of governmental and civil institutions to print and distribute more than a million copies." The WAS added that 500,000 copies have already been printed, and that the Council in its statement called "for exertion of all efforts which strengthen unity and lead to harmony."

On the same topic, the electronic newspaper "Sabaq" transmitted from its sources that the regulations carried stiff penalties. These were aimed at "achieving a code of conduct for dealing with scholars in the Kingdom, without attacking or criticizing the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and the members of the Council of Senior Scholars. This stems from the desire to have the media reflect the program of the State, which is based on the Book of Allah, the Sunnah, and the Prophet."