Saudi Newspaper: "Jihad Watch (Spreads) Nazi Propaganda in Order to Link Islam with Terrorism"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

This article, published in the Saudi newspaper Dar al-Hayat, is a response to Robert Spencer's "See No Qur'an, Hear No Qur'an," published in FrontPage Magazine. The author takes issue with Spencer's complaint about the Associated Press coverage of an incident in Chicago where a Muslim man killed his family. In the AP piece, nothing was said about Islam, only that he killed them because "voices" told him to. However, in a piece in the Chicago Tribune, it was reported that he had killed them because the Qur'an told him to, and they were not religious enough.

This author in Dar al-Hayat refers to Spencer and FrontPage Magazine as "Likud Jews" or "Likud extremists," (Likud being an Israeli political party) and tries to defend Islam by researching mass killings on Wikipedia and BBC, through which he discovers that most happen in the western world. However, he does not touch upon the crucial difference between a criminal act of murder (committed by people of all beliefs) and that of a religiously-motivated act of murder (vast majority committed by people who follow Islam).

There is an American website through which American Likud Jews, the enemies of Arabs and Muslims, as well as supporters of the criminal state of thieves, which is called Israel, operate. Among its work is something called “Jihad Watch,” which conjures up anything it can exploit to spread Nazi propaganda in order to link Islam with terrorism and extremism in people’s minds.

The site, whose name is “Front Page Magazine,” includes a thousand new Goebbels, who each lie and repeat their lies so much that people begin to believe them. Usually I ignore the poison this site emits, or just point to it incidentally. Then I found something that provoked me, and what I feel requires a full response, which I am now making.

The site recently published what was written by the Likud anti-Christ, Robert Spencer, with the title, “See No Qur’an, Hear No Qur’an…” The title was taken from a 2500-year-old Chinese admonition on good manners, which is, “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” It is usually depicted by the image of three monkeys, one of them placing his hands over his ears, the second over his mouth, and the third over his eyes.

Thus the site publishes a headline placing the Qur’an in the place of evil and monkeys.

I am not an extremist of any kind. I confess that I am not religious. I am simply a regular believer who defends Islam as a nationalist, not as a religious person, because those who attack Islam attack my nation. It appears that there is no one to stand up for the Muslims.

The news which inspired the writer to put the Qur’an and monkeys in the place of the word evil, was transmitted by the Associated Press from Chicago, which said: “A person close to the investigation of a shooting in Chicago that left a woman and three children dead says the gunman told police that he committed the crime after hearing voices telling him to kill his family.”

The site says that this news report is a sample of media bias and obfuscation. The site prefers the news published in the “Chicago Tribune,” which includes, “the man had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in prison and had a dispute with his wife — one of the victims — because she would not adhere to his faith. He told police that he needed to take his family back to Allah and out of this world of sinners...”

Propagating news of this type was, according to the website, one of the motives for establishing “Jihad Watch.”

If there is any media bias and obfuscation, it is practiced in America, and indeed in all of the West, in order to cover up Israel’s crimes, for its establishment was the original crime. The thieves of Europe, among the Khazar Jews and others, continue to kill, rob, and destroy even today. The “Front Page Magazine” website is a clear and flagrant example of the most despicable types of extremism, falsehood, and defense of the Israeli crime, to a degree (even) participating in it.

An American man converted to Islam. Arabic was certainly not his native tongue, and his understanding of Islam must have been limited. He killed his wife and children, so it became part of the extremist Likud effort to ‘watch’ the Islamic jihad, as if Muslims (everywhere) are killing their wives and children.

There is a simple answer (to this), (which is) abundantly available on the internet. I ask every able to search for these things as I have done, for I have searched for months for (information about) those who have committed crimes of mass murder around the world, as well as for (information about) murder incidents in schools.

BBC’s website provided me with a relatively recent list of crimes committed in schools dating back to 1996, including the massacre at the school in Dunblane, Scotland, and up until today. I found 12 massacres, half of which were committed in the United States. I am not at all saying that American students are criminals just because they are Christians or Jews. Nor am I saying that an Arab student would never kill his colleagues just because he is Muslim.

The list of massacres which were committed by individuals is found through Wikipedia, and it shows that the United States and its 300 million inhabitants witnessed 96 mass killings whose perpetrators are known, and 21 others for which the perpetrators are unknown. The American figure nearly matches that of the rest of the world community, or in other words, that which has been committed among nearly 6 billion other people.

I tried to find (information about) mass killings committed in Arab countries, but I only found one “crime” in Egypt, going back nearly a hundred years to Raya and Sakina [famous Egyptian serial killers from the 1920s], two criminal thieves who have become a type of folklore. After that, I compiled (a list) of mass murders committed in Muslim countries, and found two in Iran and one in Pakistan.

Even though there are 1.2 billion Muslims, the number of mass killings committed in the Muslim world is less than half of that committed in Canada (10 crimes committed for a country with 35 million inhabitants). But then an American convert to Islam kills his family, and it becomes a topic for inclusion on “Jihad Watch.”

This Likud extremism is what has created the extremism of terrorists like al-Qa’ida, and is also what justifies the continuation of other types of extremism. For if not for the (original) crime of the establishment of Israel on the land of the Palestinians at the expense of their lives, and their continuation in committing crimes until today, al-Qa’ida and others like it never would have existed in the first place.
Eyes and Ears (Enough to Provoke a Response)
Jihad al-Khazin, Dar al-Hayat, April 29, 2010