Saudi Shaykh: Terrorists Use Zionist and Western Weapons; Give Rise to "Right-Wing Extremists" Who Attack Mosques and Veiled Women

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Sheikh Salman al-'Awda, in what is ostensibly a condemnation of Islamic terrorist groups, nevertheless manages to blame Zionists and westerners for supplying these groups with weapons, and then further manages to levy the allegation that "right-wing extremists" are attacking mosques and defenseless Muslim women in the streets.

Sheikh Salman bin Fahd al-'Awda, who runs the website "Islam al-Youm," said that the arms used by violent terrorist groups to kill, commit bloodshed, and carry out terrorist operations, are produced in Israeli factories, and are acquired from Zionist and Western circles. He asked--where did they come by these weapons with which to kill and carry out bombings in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, and some Western countries? He stated that they did not make them, nor did they acquire them from the black market, but they were given to them from Zionist and Western circles. He added that these groups endeavor to doctrinally justify their criminal operations, while acquiring these weapons from those who are hostile to everything which is Islamic. ... Sheikh al-'Awda said: "Jihad is innocent of these criminal acts, and this absurdity and chaos in the name of religion. These groups who raise the name and banners of Islam to justify killings and bombings provide a precious gift to the enemies of Islam, and to the Zionists." Al-'Awda described these acts as "despicable," and those who carry them out are worthless. They fan the flames of people's emotions, and cause the state of hostility which is carried by right-wing extremists, leading to attacks on mosques, Muslim groups, and veiled women in the streets. [...]