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This is the submission form for essays/op-eds. Views contained in essays/op-eds are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. Please see the Essays/Op-Eds Disclaimer for details.


Essays/op-eds should adhere to the following guidelines (this is a growing list currently under construction):


  • Use capital letters and fullstops where appropriate. Do not use SMS language or excessive ALL CAPS.
  • Although essays/op-eds can be informal in style, keep the level of your tone and language within reason.
  • Make sure your submission is 1000 words or longer, and at least 3 paragraphs.


  • Do not submit racist, homophobic or sexist content. This includes derogatory comments towards Arabs or other ethnic groups often associated with Islam.
  • Do not submit content endorsing/supporting racist, homophobic or sexist organizations, political parties or individuals.
  • Focus on issues related to Islam. Do not use essays/op-eds as a platform to debate or attack atheism/theism/religion or to claim "_____ is just as bad as Islam."
  • Original research and higher criticism is welcome, but the thesis must be credible (I.e. explained and backed up by supporting evidence).


  1. If needed, essays/op-eds may be edited for relevance, clarity and language issues.
  2. In extreme cases, if a submission does not adhere to guidelines it may be deleted.
  3. Take a look at the Featured Essays/Op-Eds to get an idea of what is expected.
  4. To prevent data loss through possible errors or deletion, before you submit the form, copy the text of the testimony into Notepad or Microsoft word.
  5. Links to some existing articles may be inserted into your submission so that readers can access more information on certain topics.
  6. It may take some time to format submissions correctly, edit it for appropriateness and grammar (if needed) and include it on the website.
  7. All non-copyrighted submissions will become the property of WikiIslam. See WikiIslam:Copyrights for details.
  8. If you are unable to submit the form due to encountering an error, you can email your essay/op-ed directly.
  9. If at any point you need help, leave a message on the relevant Discussions page.

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