Statement from Kuwaiti Shaykh on the Syrian Revolution

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Translated from the website of influential Kuwaiti Shaykh Hamid al-'Ali.

There is no more criminal Arab regime in the Islamic Ummah than the Syrian regime, and no other political regime has wreaked as much havoc. None has betrayed Islam and Arabism to this degree. Its treason, which continued for decades, during which it ruled the people of the Levant with an iron fist, with a regime of terror and intelligence services, has ended. It has ended with the butchering of more than 100 martyrs from the inhabitants of Dara'a, who rebelled against the tyranny of Bashar and his immoral cohorts.

Despite all this, and despite the massacres of the martyrs of the blessed Syrian revolution which was launched by the will of their Lord, this regime continues to dream that it can remain in power over the courageous Syrian people forever!

Impossible! For what has remained from the religion of the prophets and messengers, and the path of justice, and the values of divine truth, and the norms of goodness in the land, which was not destroyed by this criminal regime?!

Here are seven sins, each one of them sufficient by itself to justify rising up against the Syrian regime, and overthrowing it:

First: The regime rules by filthy sectarianism, and dirty partisanship. The Nusayri sect, of which the president of the regime is a member, has ruled over the majority Sunni Muslim population, and mistreated them, oppressed them, slaughtered their children, and violated their women, for decades!

This Nusayri sect is a sect of mysticism which the scholars of Islam have described as: "Outwardly it is Shi'a, but on the inside it is pure kufr." They believe--may Allah be far exalted above what they say--that 'Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) is the creator of the heavens and the earth. In fact, their sect has been termed by some people as "al-'Ali ilhiya" [those who make 'Ali divine]!!! They sanctify wine, they do not know the prayers of the Muslims nor their juma'a [Friday, day of gathering], and they do not wash themselves from ritual uncleanness. In their homes they say prayers in which they mention some amusing stories that Allah sent down from a sultan. They even have holy relics, like the holy relics of the Christians! They celebrate the holidays of the people of the Cross [i.e. Christians], such as as St. Barbara's Feast, and the Feast of the Cross, and Christmas!

What's even more criminal, they helped the colonialists take power over the Islamic Levant, and have supported their remnants for all these years!

They celebrate the holiday of the martyrdom of the rightly-guided caliph al-Faruq 'Umar bin al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), greatly joying therein and making merry!

All the doctrines of the Shiites are repeated in them many times over, and they merit all of the calamities of the Shiites and then some. They have even claimed that the five daily prayers are nothing but 'Ali, Hassan, Husayn, Fatima (may Allah be pleased with them), and Muhsin! They claim that this Muhsin is the great mystery, and the most magnificent law! They claim that if you mention these five, it will be better for you than if you had said the five prayers, or performed the ablutions, or the ritual washing!

Thus this sect professes these sick myths, and broad delusions. It is no surprise that Shaykh al-Islam said of them: "These people known as Nusayri, and other groups from among the Qaramita and Batiniyya, are greater disbelievers than the Jews and Christians. They are even greater disbelievers than many of the polytheists, and the harm they cause is greater than the harm caused by the disbelievers who are at war with the Muslims, such as the Tatars, Franks, and others... They always take the side of every enemy of the Muslims." ...

Second: The regime rules over the Syrian people with a one-party system, which is a remnant of the failed systems of the past century, such as the regimes of Chaushesku and those like him. Through this single party, the regime tightens its grip on the destiny of the people, and on the neck of the Syrian nation. It acts as it pleases, appropriating for itself whatever it desires, and deciding whom it spares and whom it destroys!

Third: In reality, it is an ugly gestapo regime in the form of a state, and a savage gang of police in the decor of a political regime. Its cells spy on the people under government authority! ...

Fourth: This gestapo regime which is the de facto ruling power, has license to employ any means of torture, or any devices or tools it wants in order to intimidate and subjugate the people by force. This brutal repression which violates the rights of the Syrian people--by Allah, this is no overstatement--is not occurring to this degree in any other Arab country, not even in all the world...

[Goes on to describe in detail the various torture devices allegedly being employed in Syria.]

Fifth: This regime has impoverished the Syrian people, and trifled with its riches in order to satisfy the ambitions of Bashar's family and party.

Despite living on a rich spot of earth, and a blessed land, the people of Syria became one of the poorest of all the Arab peoples, and the most miserable. Unemployment became widespread, bribery and corruption became common, and the right of the poor, weak, and needy was taken away from them...

Sixth: This regime suppressed freedoms, muzzled mouths, stifled and even killed innovation, banned thought, and extinguished the political movement of the people, which develops the political life for the benefit of the people.

The regime converted all of the energies of this great innovative people, into forced labor in service to the regime. Whoever criticized it was cast into the prisons, whose horrors have been described. Whoever opposed it was tossed into the depths of the concentration camps, whose condition was made clear above!

Thousands of sincere opponents have left the Levant, and hundreds of thousands of innovators have fled, for merely being in opposition to Pharaoh and his party, and the way he ruled over his people!

Those who stayed remained confined in fear inside the country, ruled over by oppression, under the whips of injustice and tyranny!

Seventh: It is the most dishonest regime on the face of the earth, and continues to employ lying, fraud, and hypocrisy. It continues to regards its people and the world as fools. Recently images were published of weapons discovered in the hideouts of the regime's intelligence units, and bundles of cash which came out of the police's secret stashes. With all this, they still think they can convince people that those who rebelled in Dara'a are mercenaries! ...