"The Arab and Islamic Liberation Forces Were Able to Eliminate Most of the Apes and Pigs"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian Peace and Justice Party, Dr. Muhammad Hamad, writing for Gaza-based Donia al-Watan, dreams of a day when Arab and Islamic forces are able to defeat the Jews in Palestine, killing most of them, and setting up a Palestinian state over all of Palestine.

The author repeatedly refers to Jews as the "sons of apes and pigs." This is an insult given in the Qur'an to rebellious Israelities, and since then has been applied to the Jews (and sometimes to the Christians) (see Qur'an 5.60 and 7.166). The author shows contempt for the lives of Jews, hoping for Iranians to use their "giant missiles" loaded with chemical and nuclear weapons.

Allah bless the late Arab leader, the martyr Gamal Abdel Nasser, standard-bearer of Arab nationalism, who said before his death: “What is taken by force, is not returned except by force.” In accordance with the words of the late leader and in response to the appeal to nationalist and Islamic duty, and with a united Arab and Islamic effort, I rush to you the good news. I declare to you the establishment of the Republic of the Palestinian Democratic Union over all the land of historical Palestine… and I will tell you the true details of the battle which took place in order to carry out the victory and fulfill the establishment of the stable Palestinian entity.

Yes, we have accomplished the miracle. With the creative minds and strong arms of the sons of the Arab and Islamic nation working hand in hand, and with resolute will, our proud Arab peoples were able to overthrow their obsolete agent regimes, and men assumed the leadership of our Arab peoples—men who were not discouraged by any obstacles. Their mission was to fulfill the Arab dream, and achieve what some people thought was an illusion. Yes, as soon as your brethren, the new leaders of the Arab peoples, assumed the reins of government, they committed themselves to the victory of your Palestinian people and the liberation of Palestine. For it was everyone’s battle, the battle which was won by the Arab armies. The true events of the battle, which the wicked [Zionists] launched against all fronts at once, were as follows:

First: The Western Front: The armed forces at sea—Egypt and Iran—shelled the coastal cities of the Zionist entity from submarines, destroyers, and other naval vessels…

Second: The Southern Front: The Egyptian Air Force launched successive bombing raids on the Zionist positions in southern Palestine… After [Egyptian forces] fired a salvo of rocket-propelled grenades, heavy artillery and tank shells, they were then able to progress easily and without any resistance from the cowardly Zionist enemy, who vacated all of its military and civilian posts before being destroyed. [Comment: This is definitely a dream…]


Sixth: The Great Front: The Iranian Armed Forces stationed behind Syrian and Lebanese troops and in the waters of the Mediterranean bombed the cities in the Zionists’ center with giant missiles carrying chemical and limited nuclear warheads (limited for fear of hitting the Palestinians), leading to the destruction of most Zionist facilities and shelters, and killing many of the sons of apes and pigs.

Although there are pockets of resistance here and there, the Arab and Islamic liberation forces were able to eliminate most of the apes and pigs. Large numbers of them were arrested and are now languishing in captivity, while a small number of them were able to escape by sea, and others were able to escape with the assistance of a small number of Zionist enemy aircraft and gain asylum in European countries.

* * *
We congratulate you on your victory and the establishment of your great republic. We congratulate you on the freedom of your people and your al-Aqsa Mosque. We hope that everyone will communicate with us and provide us with your suggestions about the manner in which the imprisoned sons of apes and pigs should be dealt with. I am prepared to receive your calls and answer your questions in this regard, just as soon as I wake up, Allah-willing.