"They Hurt Us in Gaza, We'll Hurt Them in Jerusalem"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Zionist occupation authorities escalated their savage aggression on the Gaza Strip in recent days, exploiting some of the sudden developments in the region. This action is aimed at blocking internal Palestinian reconciliation, as well as preventing the brothers from meeting to work out an agreement on a program for confronting the ongoing aggression against our land and our people.

Most of the slain of the Palestinian people, who became martyrs through [the occupation's] barbaric bombings, were civilians. Some of them were innocent women and children. Many people were also wounded in the areas of the bombings, most of which were entirely civilian areas.

The Zionists have caused our hearts to bleed, and have gone to extremes in killing and destroying our people in Gaza with total impunity. Western infidel countries have even undertaken to support the aggression and killing, and to find another justification for the Zionist entity to due whatever it wants under the pretext of defending its security against what it falsely terms terrorism.

Palestinians have lived with pain and faced death and displacement since the year of the 'nakba' [catastrophe] and yet do not surrender. The oppression which afflicts them only increases their determination to possess all of their legitimate rights in the country, and to not bow down. We have found that the response will come quickly from Jerusalem after resistance fighters in Gaza carried out a response commensurate with their abilities and their available means for defending themselves.

The (Palestinian) response came targeting an Israeli bus in the western district of Jerusalem which was stopped near the central bus station, which caused injuries to many settlers and soldiers who were riding or standing near the bus.

They know that our response will not be delayed, and that it is coming, and that whoever hurts and oppresses the Palestinian people must pay the price. Experience tells them that aggression, bombing, and killing will not bring them any benefit, and will be returned on their heads in the same way. They know that they can hurt us in Gaza or elsewhere, but we will respond and also hurt them in Jerusalem or elsewhere. They are trapped in a vicious cycle, and the time has come for them to leave our land and our skies.