UAE Paper Describes Israel as a Western "Project for Dominance of the Islamic Nation"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

This article supports the idea that the western world is not hated because of its association with Israel, but rather the opposite: Israel is hated because it is seen as an outpost of the western world.

The goals of the implanted usurper Zionist entity in Palestine, the link between the eastern and western sections of the Arab world, have been said and revealed by many. Its intentions and expressions have begun to reveal themselves little by little, since Napoleon's occupations of Egypt and his panoramic view of the Sunni Peninsula, and his pointing out that whoever controls the region historically constituted Palestine, would control the path to the east. Some orientalists have cited this, and the British wanted to take over the region which divided between Asia and Africa in order to secure a route to the pearl of British destiny. In Herzl's letters to the Europeans, he pointed out that the establishment of a Jewish entity on the land of Palestine would constitute a powerful embankment between the civilized and the barbarian, and would protect European interests.

All of this should remain vivid in our memories, but for many it has become simply something in history, which is no longer important. During the course of nearly a century now, since the Balfour Declaration which promised the Zionists the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine, the Zionist project, in concept, preparation, and origin, is a Western project par excellence. It was and continues to be at heart one of many projects for dominance of the Islamic nation, with all its ramifications and manifestations.

Therefore the project targets not only Palestine, but the entire Arab nation. Palestine has become a launching point for the Zionist aggression against Arabs. During several long decades, the usurper entity has proved the truth of this through its conduct, with repeated attacks on Arab lands from Baghdad to Tunis. In the last five decades, the arm of Mossad and networks of "Israeli" spies have reached the majority of Arab countries, confirming by their activities the continual danger this entity poses to Arab national security and to the stability of the entire region, without exception, including those countries who have signed bilateral treaties with "Israel." [...]
Facing Mossad Is an Active Struggle
Yusuf Makki, al-Khalij (UAE), January 13, 2011