Unnamed Sources: Coptic Church Calls on Copts to "Participate with Their Muslim Brothers" In Protests Against Mubarak Regime

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Something that proved to be short-sightedness from the Coptic Church.

Copts United learned from unnamed church sources, that the Coptic Church, as well as Coptic activists and clerics--after witnessing the current scene of protests which has unfolded, which is led by Egyptian youth, far from the various political and religious parties and fronts, and has expressed in a civilized manner their demands, petitions, and concerns--is urging Copts to participate with their Muslim brothers in the coming protests, in a civilized manner, far from violence, theft, looting, and anarchy.

The sources added that the Church will not stand in the way of Coptic participation with their Muslim brothers in the upcoming protests, as long as they don't harm the country, and they demand legitimate national rights for all, with the utmost humanity and respect.