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An IP address once made some edits on WikiIslam which made us realize that we need to fix our referencing system which was being used site-wide. We made changes after we saw those edits. Anyone can have an impact on this site.

How can WikiIslam be improved and what can be done to make it better? Whether you have feedback for the site in general or a specific page, please let us know on the Forum page.

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To do

  • check:
  • deletion policy: MediaWiki:Confirmdeletetext
  • syntax highlight
  • community guidelines
  • Hire:
    • Primary task: Community building. Create new ways of attracting editors and building an active self-sustaining community with a positive constructive vibe where rational ideas reign. Without this this website cannot survive, evolve and grow. Increase high-quality editing activity. You can also explore implementing fund raising to finance editors (if that is what is needed for increasing editing activity)
    • Other tasks:
      • Also recruit volunteer editors for other languages. Coordinate with sub-domain administrations for community building.
      • Make it easy for translators to do translations
      • Web usability: Make it easier to browse the website and get the information people are looking for. This can include suggestions for changing the basic layout of the side (top, left, bottom areas) but this is not the only thing that may be needed.
    • Prior experience in website community growth, or leadership positions in other scenarios and education/experience in Web design may help

To do: 2

  • Footer:
    • Improve WikiIslam by editing this page
    • [last editor] made an edit on [date]
  • Anti-spam: Disable new pages with links, for new users
  • Test WikEd [17]
  • RSS
  • For About/FAQ/mission page: (talking to prospective editors) In addition to civilians, our audience is lawmakers, authors, movie producers, people in administration
  • Test blog plugin/rss feed (semantic MW)
  • Guide on how to use this site: Hints while debating with muslims, possible objections from them, and what to say, strategies
  • IDebater: Accessible through site wide link "Test your faith in Islam"
  • Investigate: Ability to see/browse Islamic texts (quran, hadith) from within the site (a popup) and insert them where needed. Could write some kind of script to get texts from external sites so we dont have to have copies

Lower Priority

  • How to use this site - shortcut at bottom of each page? Next to About link (common arguments against the site and responses, and how to quote us or link to us)
  • Quran translations: Copy translations for Fair use: Islam awakened, or see: Quran - 8 translations in a Word document
  • A system for WI's own hadith and Quran page references for the hadith and verses we use, to keep the visitor on the site. Current templates could be updated for these hadiths and verses. These pages could be sub-sections within a page or have their own page. They would also have links to relevant articles.
  • For Quotes: Investigate using different colors for different types of contents, e.g. Quran (green), hadith (blue), News sources (brown), Articles (light yellow), grey and light pink, light orange could also be used.

Random quotes stuff

  • Quotes from apostates (for random apostate quote box)
    • What I liked about being a Muslim was the community. Muslims are generally very warm and hospitable. There was nothing nicer than going to Jumma, praying with and saying Salaam to everyone. - Mahavira (former_Muslim)
    • "I have left Islam because Muslim can't make a pencil of their own." - Ehsan (M, 28) from Iran left Islam at age 20
  • Random verse, hadith and fatwa display box
  • Related article box on top?
  • Random displays/boxes for articles, testimonies, statistics, quotations or other stuff for more exposure
  • Template for, Random quotes from former muslims - include this and any other quotes from testimonies.

Pages for Testing



Wikipedia user issues



Done tasks

Future Reference


Spam/Anti vandalism

Article tasks

  1. Mistranslated Quranic verses - As an example Quran 5:38 is translated on as "cut from their resources", which is different from the actual meaning "cut off their hands". Explore all other possible Quranic verses listed in the Quran category, Top 10 Controversial Verses Concerning Women and Top 10 Controversial Verses in the Qur'an and compare translations to accepted translated like Yusuf, Shakir and Pickthall. These obscure translations distort the meanings of Quranic verses and are often used for apologetic purposes. Explore the sources and the people behind the free-minds website and those who wrote these translations.
  2. Advice for editing Wikipedia - advice for following Wikipedia policies, how to create content and dealing with situations relating to criticism of Islam
  3. IDebater (User:Axius/IDebater)- directed towards Muslims, this is a big project. See the link for more detail of what it is about. More information on the project will be posted later.