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A victim of Islam is anyone who is prosecuted or killed in the name of Islam or for violating Islamic laws. The prosecutor may be an Islamic government, Islamic terrorists or Muslim civilians themselves.

Categories of Victims

Victims of Islam can be non-Muslims who are:

Victims of Islam can also be Muslims who are:


  • Eugene Armstrong is a victim of the jihadists.[2]
  • Hassan Pakravan was shot to death for showing mercy to Imam Khomeini.[3]
  • Kim Sun-Il was a victim of jihadists.[4] (video of beheading)
  • Mohammad Najibullah, a former president of Afghanistan, was killed and mutilated by the Taliban.
  • Shosei Koda was another victim of jihadists.[5]
  • Theo van Gogh was shot eight times and nearly decapitated for his short-film, Submission.
  • Hojjat ol-Eslam Hesham Seymari was a Shi'ite opponent of wahhabism who was shot dead at his home. He was in charge of 20 mosques and "stood against the Wahhabis' investment and strong onslaught in the city of Ahvaz."[6]


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