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Slavery is explicitly allowed by Islam. This sanction of slavery has helped the Muslim world create one of the largest trans-continental slave trades in history.

The Legacy of Islam in Africa - slavery

Sudan Slavery Investigation by Cindy Castano

Actual Footage from 1960's Slave Market

A UN documentary shot over the 50's and 60's documenting slavery and the attempts to stop it. In the clip Arabs and African Muslims and themselves are buying and selling other Africans as slaves.

Tidiane N´Diaye: Muslim Mass-Castration of Black African Slaves

Passover for Sudan's slaves

Black Muslims still called "Slaves" in Iraq

Simon Deng and "Islamic Apartheid" at Temple University

Slavery in Modern Day Mauritania

Francis Bok: Story of an Escaped Slave from Sudan

Francis Bok tell his story as a 20th century slave to Muslims in Sudan, captured as a child slave under Islamic shari'ah.

CNN: Slavery in Sudan Alive and Well

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