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This page contains content of a humorous nature
Continue at your own peril

Saudi Arabia finds a way to let women drive

Group Muslim Prayer falls apart

Spoofs of Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik answers tough questions

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Afghan Singer

Prozac for Muslims

Afghan Singers

Burka & Spaghetti

Charlie Brown: Jihad Christmas

Jihad gone wrong


Video for song "Its in the Koran"

YAAFM 12: Muslims

Flash animation

Crazy Mullah Dance


Terrorist Bloopers

American's Funniest Insurgent Home Videos

Another video from Osama

Jihad Joe

Big Bad Mo

Muhammad speaks!

Family Guy

Palestinian Alarm Clock

Allahu Akbar

72 virgins

Commercial for Ashura Equipment

Your one stop shop for all your Ashura needs

Muslim Child Brides Choir

Muslim Child Brides in a Choir Marry Much Older Uncles

More Islam lulz

Islamophobophobia: Politically Correct Persecution

Bill Maher's Burka fashion show

Islamic Hell: An Animated Guide

Latmyaa... Crazy Muslim Ritual

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