Videos on Islam: Violence Against Women

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Egyptian cleric instructs European Muslims on wife beating

Saudi cleric issues fatwa allowing Syrian rebels to rape women

Lawyer defends wife beating, says women have inferior judgement

Cleric calls Quranic wife-beating verse "wondorous"

Two women discuss difference between Arab world and the West

Islamic preacher: 10 blows with a toothpick not painful

Cleric in Bahrain: Avoid her face

Syrian Cleric: Beating means protecting her rights

Egyptian Experts On Islamic Religious Law Debates On Female Circumcision

Married to Four wives

Taliban whipping a woman

The violent oppression of Muslim women


Directed by Theo van Gogh and written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The movie cost Theo van Gogh his life.

Shariah Laws on Stoning and Whipping Women


Woman being stoned to death


Acid attacks

Female Genital Mutilation

Triangle-caution.png Warning: These videos contain strong content about female genital mutilation. Please watch at your own discretion

Islam Female Circumcision she gets calm

"If the husband is unusually awkward or difficult to educate, one should at times make the clitoris easiter to find (by amputating the clitorial hood."

Triangle-caution.png Warning: Strong violent

"Girl Getting Female Circumcision As Ordered By The Koran?"

Triangle-caution.png Warning: Strong violent

Female Circumcision - 3 year old child

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