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The Story of Women in Islam

This is a 43 minutes long documentary produced by the Arab Atheist Network. According to their description, “The story of women in Islam”, a documentary that tells many shocking and authenticated facts about how Islam treats women through their different stages of life. Captions in english can be turned on the videos by clicking on the Triangular button on the bottom right and then choosing CC

Part 1/6

  • Pedophilia in the Qur'an (Quran 65:4 & 33:49)
  • Aisha and Muhammad / Aisha's preperation for marriage (fattening up)
  • Thighing / Fatwa's on thighing
  • Opinions on marriageable age from Muslim Jurists
  • Shia Islam and Pedophilia

Part 2/6

  • Shia Islam and Pedophilia (continued)
  • Menstruation is 'unclean' (Quran 2:222)
  • Women are deficient in intelligence and religion
  • Quran 2:282
  • Muslim jurists opinion on women giving testimony
  • Quran 4:5's 'fools' refer to women and children
  • Quran 2:228
  • The superiority of men over women (Quran 4:34)
  • Inheritance (Quran 4:11)
  • Women are the devil
  • Hijab & Mahram (Quran 33:59)
  • Tafsir's regarding the reasoning for the hijab

Part 3/6

  • Tafsir's regarding the reasoning for the Hijab (continued)
  • Umar bin Khattab
  • Free women vs. Slave women
  • Polygyny (Quran 4:3)
  • Sex with slave women (Quran 23:5-6)
  • Sex with married captives (Quran 4:24)
  • Muhammad's exemptions regarding women (Quran 33:50)

Part 4/6

  • Clip showing discussion with Islamic scholars about Muhammad's sexual excesses. The scholars get angry.

Part 5/6

  • Women may not marry without permission
  • Women must be completely subservient to their husbands
  • Women who seek a Khul are forbidden paradise
  • Women should bow before their husbands
  • Memri clip about the 'rights' of a Muslim husband regarding sex and the 'immorality' of the West
  • Wife beating in Islam (Quran 4:34)
  • Memri clip discussing the types of 'disobedience' deserving of punishment
  • Memri clip praising Quran 4:34 ('beat them')
  • Survey results from Muslim women in Jordan regarding when they believe wife beating is jusified
  • Blood money
  • The majority of the inhabitants of hell are women
  • Houris
Part 6/6
  • Houris (continued)

Iran: Prostitution behind the Veil

A documentary filmed in Iran following 2 women forced to sell themselves into mutah marriage and also prostitution in order to support their children and themselves.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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