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This page is a collection of unsolicited comments about WikiIslam from various websites, blogs and forums.

Comments from Non-Muslims

... interesting reading for anyone curious about the general interaction of Faith and Reason
"Resources" (archived)
The Thoughtful Atheist, accessed July 22, 2012, http://thoughtfulatheist.blogspot.com/p/resources_8047.html.
The 2 best websites with the most reliable and extensive information that is critical of Islam and Muhammad are:

1.Answering-islam.org (Christian website)


2.WikiIslam (2,500 articles)

The Internet is full of Islam-related websites showing both pros and cons. However, in very rare cases these sites give objective and accurate information. This site is an exception and is perhaps the best Islamic site: http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Main_Page Its articles deal with Islam using its own reliable sources.
"Mitä islam on?" (archived)
Islamia tutkiva, Suomi24 forum (Finnish), April 28, 2012, http://keskustelu.suomi24.fi/node/10618809.
Wikislam, it's an Islam-exposing site with well-researched information. I highly recommend it.
[WikiIslam.net] is the best cross referenced source on the Net and it grows everyday. I check it against hadithcollection etc but it's always correct.
My go to source about Islam is this website: http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Main_Page and it is quite comprehensive. It quotes any pertinent source material (Qur'an/Hadiths), covers the life of Muhammad, has essays and news articles about any incidents involving Islam, and more.
Can I presume that you are familiar with this source of information?:


For anyone interested, or even curious, about Islam, it is absolutely indispensible. Plus. it is kept up-to-date ...
For those of you who are interested in researching a little more about the Islamic faith and the Qur’an I have found wikiIslam which is a very resourceful site. I have also put this site under the top menu under the “Philosophy & Religion” section under “Islam”. This site is brilliant.
Well laid-out site - if you have a spare 10-15 minutes to learn about Islam, this is the site to visit.
Very interesting and informative criticism. I was worried about the clash of civilization were currently in. 2600 plus article of scholarly work has made me want a Party for Freedom in every country and them to be part of an International Freedom Alliance. I also did research on Wikipedia. This was also informative, but I prefer this website better because its specifically devoted to this issue.
"WikiIslam" (archived)
SoulFace, SoulPancake / Conversations, May 31, 2013, http://soulpancake.com/conversations/view/110259/wikiislam.html.
WikiIslam’s page on Islam and Propaganda will arm you with the facts
I'm so glad that websites like this exist, because it does a good job of explaining things in a rational way, with facts to back it up. Hopefully making groups like the EDL and the BNP obsolete.
Best website to learn about Islam
Special thanks to WikiIslam for all the great information they share.
There are many websites that have excellent resources, and I think these are the best two. [WikiIslam and TheReligionofPeace]. I cannot say enough good things about either of these sites
For the most comprehensive site on everything you want to know of Islam, past and present, go to: www.wikiislam.net
A great resource for the Western reader interested in the true meanings of the Quran and intentions of Islam.
If you want to see proper criticism of Islam go to /r/exmuslim or WikiIslam.
Thanks for such an informative portal for Islam.
Comment left on our forum page
wikiislam.net is the best reference finder I've found for what Islam says.
(in reply to the above:)
[WikiIslam is] a great resource, which is why the apologists hate it.
I would recommend that your study Islam through WikiIslam. This site is very scholarly, but also critical of Islam.
The invaluable website, WikiIslam, has compiled a list of quotations about Islam from famous non-Muslims.
There's nothing wrong with wiki Islam but most muslims don't like these sites because they make one question their religion and since one's faith is an integral part of one's identity, so naturally people find it difficult when a core part of their identity is being questioned. I think wiki islam does a good job of bashing the pseudoscience that most muslims blindly follow but sites like jihadwatch and answering islam are very anti islamic. Rather than teaching critical thinking these anti islamic sites are only harboring hate among the general muslims.
... WikiIslam is a great go-to resource, complete with references for further study and chapter and verse references from Islamic doctrine.

Comments from Former Muslims

[WikiIslam] is a great site, because it cites everything with primary sources (Quran, hadith, etc.) As an exmuslim I've found it a very useful and accurate site.
[WikiIslam is] not "Islamophobic" unless one counts any critical scrutiny of Islam as that. It is actually full of exact, precise sources from Quran and Hadiths for any number of issues/excuses that can be easily countered by just searching for those sources outside of that site, if one so chooses.
I must say that I find this site extremely useful for those of us who are making the extremely difficult, often confusing, and sometimes painful separation from the fanatically brainwashing teachings of Muhammad and his Quran.
...the only good site I find very useful in Islamic criticism is WikiIslam. It[s] articles [seem] professionally written, and all the sources for their arguments are given.
Ironically, it was Wikiislam that caused me to have doubts about my faith. I stumbled upon it while searching for information about my religion, and decided to 'have a look round'. I came across the page detailing scientific errors in the Quran.
Lord Demahom from the UK (testimony submitted on-site)
Thanks to WikiIslam and all atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists for keeping up the fight against terrorism and educating those who are blinded by faith.
Gon Candu from Indonesia (testimony submitted on-site)
I realized that Qur'an is riddled with scientific errors... I found this article early on, http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Islam_and_Science , that further allowed me to see that many of the people I followed passionately as a child like Adnan Okter and Zakir Naik were very poorly trained "scientists", whose ideas and proposals were completely and easily refutable. From then on I become more and more convinced that Islam really was false.
"I renounce Islam" (archived)
Ex Muslim, Topix.com, P. 4, Post No. 77, February 5, 2013, http://www.topix.com/forum/religion/islam/T4T6GC34FTT1B345Q/p4#c77.
Special thanks to Sanitarium - one of the editors here - the first person to engage in a debate with me that led me to open my eyes and so start questioning Islam more. I can’t thank you enough!
I then accessed the website Wikiislam to know the facts about my god Allah and this religion. I was shocked to know many truths. I was ashamed that I have believed in this religion.
Then I decided to do research on Islam and soon I came across a website called WikiIslam. When I read it I discovered things about my religion that 80% of the Muslims don't know. I was shocked. I read hadiths that I couldn't believe to be true. I always thought that Islam was a religion of peace, love and equality but I thought that maybe such hadiths or Quranic verses are wrong and are taken out of context. I took the matter in my own hands and decided to borrow some hadith books from Islamic libraries. I matched it with WikiIslam and I was stunned I couldn't believe that it was actually true.

Comments from Muslims

I usually wouldn't endorse a site like this, but in this case all of the sources were referenced in great detail.
"Women: Traveling and free-mixing in Islam …"
Abdul-Malik Merchant, Student at Umm al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, July 13, 2011 (commenting on the article Sex Segregation in Islam), http://www.facebook.com/notes/abdul-malik-merchant/women-traveling-and-free-mixing-in-islam-/216934245018326.
That site has really done damage to my cousin. He now actively criticizes Islam, the Quran, Hadiths, and Prophet Muhammad (saw). And uses as ammunition for his arguments. Its really pissing me off. I am having to dig around for information and think a lot to form rebuttals. But, I just feel like leaving him in his loss. its doing my head in!
"WikiIslam" (archived)
Bach2005, MPACUK forum, December 12, 2008, http://forum.mpacuk.org/showthread.php?t=39448.
Please do something about wikiIslam.net. I know some Muslims who converted out or are now confused about Islam because of that site, which is sad.
Facebook post
...a frighteningly articulate wiki...
... most of the information is well referenced to reputable Islamic websites. Am kind of confused about it. I mean, I've not seen like blatant false verses or hadith on there.
Its sad, Saudi have hackers who can hack and take down a lot of crap stuff on the internet but they never seem to notice what should be taken care of.
Someone needs to shut it down. any hackers out here?
It would be good to blast out their link to a few hundred thousand shady, no PR having websites in order to get Google to punish them for flooding and set them back in their page-rank. Yes i admit it's a bit blackhat but i would do anything just to not have them show up that high in islam-related search results..
Who wants to setup a proxy and remove that page?
There are thousands of sites like [WikiIslam], they get millions of dollars of funding annualy from Jewish charities.
Allah I wish he would destroy those who made WikiIslam...
Wiki Islam is a stupid websitre [sic] which every idiot uses as a source to learn about Islam. Its [sic] written by stupid idiots.
I went onto Wiki Islam... they blocked my IP, and sent Trojans to my computer and now the keyboard is totally malfunctioning, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!

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